India and Pakistan's Conflict

They have been fighting ever since 1947. When will it end?

Timeline of Conflict

1972: Pakistani Prime Minister Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sign an agreement that says that both countries will solve disputes "by peaceful means."

1974: India gets its first nuclear device. In 1998 India does testing with the devices and Pakistan answers with their own tests.

1999: India and Pakistan wage short conflict in the mountains above Kargil on the line of control, the ceasefire line dividing Jammu and Kashmir.

2007: February 18, the train service between India and Pakistan was bombed. 68 people died; dozens were injured.

2010: Ajmal Kasab is found guilty of murder, planning and of waging war against India in the Mumbai attacks. He was sentenced to death.

Three Main Reasons for Conflict

  1. India and Pakistan keep fighting over the Kashmir. They've fought two wars over it. One in 1947-48, and 1965. They both ended by the U.N. demanding ceasefire. They are fighting over it because it is land of a mountain. The Indus River flows through the mountain and whoever has control of Kashmir has control over the river flow. Farmers in India and Pakistan would be dry deserts without it.
  2. December 13, 2001 India was attacked by Islam revolutionist on the Indian Parliament in New Delhi. 14 people died, and about 22 people were injured. India blamed groups Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad. A gun battle between the police and attackers began.

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