All About Me

Gurbir Pannu

Who Am I

Hi, my name is Gurbir Pannu. I am 15 years old and I was born on May 17th 2000. I was born in the Etobicoke hospital. I have one sibling and it is a older sister. I really enjoy playing and watching soccer. I like to play soccer outside with my friends. I also like to play and watch basketball. I enjoy hanging out with my cousins. My favorite thing to do in my free time is play video games. My favorite subject is math. My favorite food is pizza and burgers. My favorite genre of music is rap and one of my favorite rapper is J Cole. My favorite song buy J Cole is no role models. You can listen to this song below. My biggest accomplishment so far has been getting a 90% average on my midterm in grade 10. That is my bio.
J Cole No Role Models [Clean]

My Life Line

french enfance

My Favorite Things

My Leadership Style

My leadership style is that of a teller. I feel as I really showcase this leadership style because I am a leader that leads a group best by telling them what to do and how to do it. I like knowing that each person will have there own responsibilities in finishing their part and this really makes me know that the assignment will get finished. I have showcased this type of leadership before because when I was in grade 8, we were doing a final project in science and I was in a group with 3 other people. I took the leader role and I split up the parts of the project among the people in my group. Everyone had their own responsibilities in the group and this made me know that the project would get done if everyone did their parts. I also assumed that everyone would do their own parts because I thought they were all capable and experienced. I also made all the final decisions in my group and I didn't take anyone's input on any decisions.

My Influences

My main influences are my friends and family. They really influence me to be a better person and to make smarter choices. They have done this in various ways such as motivating and educating me. My friends also motivate me when it comes to anything, whether it is school or sports they motivate me to do my best. My friends motivate me by telling me that I can do it and just to try my hardest. This makes me want to perform at my best ability and I do. This makes me a far better person. My family really educates me about everything. For example they educate me by telling me why drinking alcohol is bad when you are under age and why it is bad in general. This really makes me understand why I shouldn't drink alcohol and why I should avoid it. This makes me make smarter choices in life. The internal factors that shape my character are me motivating myself. I do this by telling myself in my head that I can do it whenever I encounter a task that I feel nervous about and I think I can't do. This makes me end up doing the task and this help me build confidence. Self-motivating myself made me more confident because I knew that I was capable of finishing hard task and that I could do anything I wanted as long as I put my mind to it.

Role Model/People In My Life

My role model is my sister. My sister has always been my role model. She is a very smart and hard working woman. She always fights for what she believes in and she is very motivated. My sister is also a very supportive and helpful person. My sister is very important to me because she really guides me and helps me with everything. Whenever I need help she is there for me and she is also very supportive. I have always looked up to my sister because I want to be like her. She is very smart academically and I have followed in her footsteps. I have always paid attention to the way that she works and how she stays up very late to finish her work. This showed me that she is very hard working and she has really inspired me to be more hard working. The characteristic and attributes that my sister possess, listed above, are all the characteristics and attributes that I wish to possess and I have been working towards doing this by following my sister footsteps. She has really helped shape my life for the better and make me a better person overall. I feel as though with out my sister I would not be the person that I am today.

My Future

In the future I wish to become a corporate lawyer. I am interested in this job because every since I was a kid I liked watching law shows and learning about law. Also because my uncle is a lawyer and I use to go to his office and help him out. This really developed my love for law and this is the reason why I want to be a lawyer. I plan on becoming a lawyer by working very hard in school and achieving very high grades. I want to do this so I can get into a really good university and then go into a really good law school. This will make me a layer that big firms want to hire because if I go to a good university they will know that I was properly educated and I am very qualified. You can watch the video below to find out what a corporate lawyer is.
Legal Questions : What Is a Corporate Lawyer?

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Learning Styles Test: My learning style is visual-auditory

The questions for the learning styles surrey were kind of confusing. This was because all of the answers seemed right to me, so I couldn't decide which one I would rank the highest and the lowest. All the answers seemed like they were the best/highest and I couldn't decide which one to put as the highest ranked. By doing this survey I found out that I am a visual-auditory learner. I do agree with this because I do learn by looking, seeing, hearing and listening. I knew that I was always a visual learning because I like to see my teachers do an example of the problem, this helps me better understand it. Also I knew that I was an auditory learner because I like to hear and listen to the lessons that my teachers give to better understand the topic.

Personality Test: My personality type is ESTP

The questions for the personality survey were also kind of confusing. This was because for some of the questions I felt as though both side were kind of right. I couldn't figure out which one was more right and the better answer. I also could not figure out weather the answer was somewhat or definitely. This was because I agree with the statement somewhat and also definitely and I couldn't decide which one was the better answer. This survey told me that my personalty type is ESTP (extroverted, sensing, thinking and perceiving). The survey is saying that these types of people are aware of the world around them and they dive straight in to task and activities. Also that these people use personal experiences to guide decisions. This is very true for me. This is because I am very aware of the world around me and I like to start my projects and assignments as soon as I get them. I also use personal experiences to guide my decisions.

Interests Test: My interest type is The Professional

The questions for the interest survey were very easy. As soon as I read the question, I knew the answer. There was only one or two questions that I had to think about a little bit. Most of my answers were somewhat and this was because I partially agreed with the statement. By doing this survey I figured out that I am The Professional. This is a person who is Persuasive, has a plan, good at organizing and sorting through information and they have excellent people skills. I do agree with this because I am a very persuasive man when I want to be. I also always have a plan for how I am going to get my work done. For example when I am going to do what work and how I am going to finish that work. I am also very good at organizing and I always keep my stuff organized and neat. I also am very good a sorting through information, like when doing research. I also have very good people skills as I am not that shy and very friendly with people.

Knowledge Test: My top subject area is business

The questions for the knowledge survey were the same format as the interest survey. I was also very confident with my answers and I knew that answer right away after reading the statement. For this survey as well I chose somewhat for most of my answers because I didn't fully agree with the statement and I wasn't really sure if I should check definitely. This survey has told me that business is my top course. I agree with this because I really do love business and I plan on taking it all throughout high school. I also want a job in marketing or entrepreneurship. I also did pretty well in the business courses that I have took so far and I have began to developed a love for business.

Motivations Test: My top motivation factor is achievement

The questions for the motivations survey were kind of confusing. This was because I was not sure which answer to rank has my highest. I read all the answers and most of them seemed like they were the highest. I had to take a couple of minutes to think about the order that I should put my answers in because I wasn't 100% sure and I was kind of confused. This survey told me that my motivational factors are achievement and support. I agree with this because I always want to feel accomplished with my work and I have always wanted to feel that I accomplished something in my life. I also agree with the support part because I always use tools, education and support to to help me get my work done to a point that I am very satisfied with it.

Multiple Intelligences Test: My strongest MI'S were my intrapersonal and visual strengths

By doing this personal profile questionnaire I have learned a lot about the type of person that I am and the strengths that I have. The questionnaire has told me a lot of about my MI’S. I have learned by doing this questionnaire that my my strongest MI’S are visual and intrapersonal strengths. These two are tied for my strongest. My second strongest MI’S were my existential and musical strengths. These two were also tied for second. My third strongest MI was my logical strength. Then after this my fourth strongest ranked MI was my kinesthetic strength. My fifth strongest MI was my verbal strength. Then my sixth strongest MI was my interpersonal and naturalistic strengths and they were tied for sixth place. By doing this questionnaire I have learned what my strengths are and now I will try to use these in my everyday learning.

The order of my MI’S did not surprise me at all because this is the order that I would rank them in without doing the questionnaire. I was also not surprised at all by my strongest MI’S because in my everyday life and learning I notice that I use these strengths a lot. I have two MI’S tied for my strongest, one of them is visual strength and the other one is intrapersonal strength. For example, one of my strongest MI’S is visual strengths. I agree with this because I like to learn new topics in class by watching and listening to my teacher explain it and for them to do one practice question or give an example to the class. My other strongest MI is intrapersonal. I agree with this because I really know myself and what makes me happy. For example when I am studying and I get stressed out, I know that I should take a break and relax for a few minutes and then start studying again. I know that this will make me happy and not stressed out.

Now that I know what my strongest MI’S are, I will use them in my everyday learning. My strongest MI’S are my visual and intrapersonal strengths. I already use these a lot in my everyday learning, but I will try to incorporate them more into my homework. I do not really use these strengths of mine in my homework as much as I should. I should use more pictures and other visuals to help me better understand my homework. I should also try to do what makes me happy during homework because I work for long periods of time and do not really take that many breaks unless I get stressed out or hungry. I work for a few hours and I stare at a computer screen for a majority of that time. In this time my eyes start to hurt but yet I do not stop doing my work. This later on causes me discomfort. I should stop doing this and use my intrapersonal strength to know when to stop working and take a break. All in all, this questionnaire has has told me many things about the type of person I am and what strengths I possess.

True Colours Test: My strongest colours are curious green, adventurous orange and responsible gold

My true colours test has told me that 3 colour are my strongest colours. These 3 colours are curious green, adventurous orange and responsible gold. I do agree with this test that these 3 colour are my strongest. I agree with curious green because I do examine things very carefully, I am logical and I am self-motivated. These are all things that I notice I do in my everyday life. These things really are a main part of my personality. I agree with adventurous orange because I am someone that is adventurous and likes to take risks. I have noticed that I do these things when I get the chance to. These are all things that define my personality. I then also agree with responsible gold because I am someone that like security, plans head and is organized. I do these things in my everyday life. These things make up my personality. All these colour have told me about what type of personality I have. Overall, I would say that this true colours assessment was very effective and it really worked. You can do this true colours test here