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November 2021 Edition

Last week, I sent out an email to 7th grade parents about attending the Pickerington North Theatre Department's production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee on Thursday, November 18th. The $5 theatre fee was added to all 7th grade accounts in Infinite Campus this past week. Please reach out to Allen DeCarlo ( if you have questions about the production.

Reminders about parent drop off/pick up:

1. Please pull all the way forward, stopping in the middle of the lane backs up traffic

2. Once you are around the curve, please have your student exit the vehicle (this way we can get more cars through the line).

3. In the afternoon, students are released at 2:10 pm, please make sure that you are picking them up in a timely manner (especially with the weather getting colder). We have after school meetings and events and cannot stay outside to supervise the students who are waiting on transportation.

Rachael Hanagan


🍿News from Mrs. Smith in the Media Center

The November book challenge begins this week! Students will have the opportunity to participate by reading books that have been turned into movies, or even read one book to join the mini challenge. Please have your child check out November’s book challenge.

Book Challenge Link

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Updated Quarantine Protocols

The Ohio Department of Health has issued “Mask to Stay/Test to Play Option,” but not specific guidance based upon the enactment of HB 244. However, Franklin County Public Health (FCPH) has provided updated procedures for individuals who are deemed as a direct contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. There are no changes for students and staff demonstrating symptoms of, or testing positive, for COVID-19. HB 244 now prohibits school districts in Ohio from discriminating against any student regarding their vaccination status and should not benefit or treat any student differently at school; this includes a student qualifying for modified quarantine status due to their vaccination status. Ohio schools retain the right to exclude any student or staff member demonstrating symptoms or testing positive for the coronavirus. Franklin County Public Health retains the authority to issue isolation and quarantine orders under Ohio law.

Effective on Wednesday, October 27, 2021:

  • Individuals who are identified as a close contact of someone who has a confirmed positive test for COVID-19 will be notified electronically by district staff. The email notification will provide detailed information along with a linked letter from Franklin County Public Health.
  • Unless FCPH issues a quarantine order to your child who was identified as a direct contact, the decision to self-quarantine is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If you do not self-quarantine and FCPH determines that your child must quarantine, FCPH may issue a quarantine order.
  • If your child does not self-quarantine and returns to school after receiving notice of being a close contact, the district requires the following for a 14-day period following the date of last exposure:

A. The student must not be experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19;


B. The student must continue to conduct daily symptom checks at home with their parent/guardian;


C. The student must wear a face mask indoors during the school day and during indoor extracurricular activities;


D. No mask exemptions will be permitted.

Please see the letter below with more details.

NEW quarantine Guidelines for Athletics

Due to House Bill 244 we have new guidelines if a student-athlete is deemed a close contact to a positive COVID case in a school setting:

1. The student must immediately produce a negative test before continuing in athletics.

  • Assuming the test is negative the student athlete will be able to continue to participate in athletics but wear masks when able (This include: locker rooms, sitting/standing on the sidelines, and anytime the mask will not interfere with breathing, the activity, or create a safety hazard)
  • The student athlete can take another test between days 5-7 in order to get out of the mask requirements.
  • If they choose not to test after 5 days they must wear a mask for 14 days.

2. If the student is deemed a close contact and chooses not to test they will be unable to participate for 14 days.

The athletic office can provide tests to student athletes deemed close contacts and all results must be turned into our Trainer (Alexis Britford). Alexis will be the one to clear student athletes who are testing in order to return from a close contact.

If you have questions please contact the athletic office.

Please note: Eligibility to participate in “Mask to Stay/Test to Play” is contingent on the exposure being in the school setting or school-related activities. This does not apply to household exposures or exposures outside of the school setting or school-related activities.

The Mobile Dentist is coming November 19th!!!!

Good news! The Ohio Dental Outreach will be at our school on November 19th. A form will go home with your student soon or you can fill it out online at If you have any questions please email the school nurse (

Holiday Assistance

Pickerington Schools are once again teaming up with the Violet Township Fire Department to help provide some holiday assistance for families in need during this holiday season.

In need of assistance?

Request an online form for holiday assistance by contacting our school counselors at or or call (614)830-2200. The request link will then be provided to you, only one per household please. This form is handled in a confidential manner with more details from your school counselor. Please remember that we will only be able to supplement your holiday. The online form must be completed by Friday, November 20th.

Wanting to help out with Holiday Assistance?

Wanting to donate?

There are several ways to donate this year:

  • The traditional big red boxes throughout the community and in the schools accepting donations of new toys/gifts.

  • Gift cards are also appreciated.

  • Cash donations through Paypal.

  • Another way of donating this year is through Amazon and Target. If you would prefer to donate in this way, click on the links below. Be sure to ship to Violet Township Fire Department Toy Drive (address will appear as an option).

ALL Donations need to be received by December 10th!

Please join us for this free concert!

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The Community Corner

Recent Updates

  • We want to give some shoutouts to some local businesses that have generously donated gift cards, discounts, items, etc., for our gift bag drawings for students: Capriotti’s, Coldstone, and Dairy Queen. If you have never visited these businesses or just haven’t been there in a while, please show them some love to thank them for their generosity toward our students!

  • Next Friday, we will hold our gift bag drawings for all weekly iReady winners and all Lakeview Values winners. Additionally, if you missed the announcement above, Kona Ice will be at the school next Friday during lunch periods. All Lakeview Values winners will receive a coupon for a free Kona Ice. All students will be able to visit the truck during their lunch period; prices range from $3-6.

  • Has your student done something awesome or noteworthy? Do you want to celebrate them and their accomplishments? In future Community Corners, we hope to highlight more of our students through the Student Spotlight feature. We have updated the Family Feedback Form to include an area where you can share the details that you want to highlight about your student. Check it out!

Updates from the Family Feedback Form

  • We received one comment regarding inconsistent enforcement of dress code. The dress code has been a topic of discussion within the school recently, and we have reached out to the District Office for clarification for some items. If you would like to review the dress code, it is on page 8 in the student handbook.

  • Another comment wanted to ensure that we are doing our best to unite our students to prevent harassment/bullying based on sexual orientation. Harassment/Bullying (and how we treat others, in general) has been a topic at our Lakeview Leadership Team meetings, and we will continue those conversations with the students to provide support and, ultimately, make our students feel safe and welcome in the building. Please encourage your students to speak with any trusted adult in the building if they feel they or another student has been targeted due to their race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, ancestry, or genetic information. These are federally recognized protected classes, and students are protected under the Board of Education’s Anti-Harassment policy.

Student Spotlight

  • Jasmine Johnson and Melanie Fallert-Gerardi were a part of the MSSA Pickerington soccer team that just finished the season undefeated and won the regular season and tournament titles. Way to go, girls!

  • Congratulations to Mayci Gilmore for starting the cross country season strong and finishing even stronger!

The Lakeview Family Feedback Form

This form will be linked in each Community Corner update, allowing families to offer feedback to the counseling and administrative team regarding social justice, mental health, academic support, friendships/relationships, etc. Counselors and administrators will review the feedback on a weekly basis and send out any updates to concerns/questions in the next Community Corner update.
Lakeview Family Feedback Form

Click the button if you would like to give the counseling and administrative team feedback.

Lakeview Important Dates Flyer

FYI, there is a change of information on the Lakeview Important Dates flyer. We originally had conferences on October 12th listed as 11:00 am - 7:00 pm, the actual times will be 7:00 am - 7:00 pm.

2021-2022 School Year Calendar

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