Winsor Faculty Update

Late October Edition

Math Walk Through

Thank you for opening your classroom so that we can see the progress being made in math instruction. By doing this, we are honoring the work our curriculum and pacing team did this past summer and ensuring that our students are benefiting directly from the expertise of our team. Please know that we walk through this journey together. A Growth Mindset is a shared perspective that includes administration, teachers, and students working together to increase student learning. These non-evaluative visits have allowed us to celebrate our successes and focus on the continual improvement process. Thank you for all you do on behalf of our students.

Please see this useful math resource on place value, linked below:

RICAS Results

We are pleased to announce that the RICAS scores are in and that progress has been made. Winsor has again performed well above the state average in reading as 66.4% of our students scored proficient or greater on the ELA assessment. This represents a full six point gain from 2018. In addition, our Math scores increased by 5%, with 41% of our students scoring proficient or greater. If we remain purposeful, collaborative, and determined- there is no reason these results will not continue to see growth. Our Grade 3, 4, and 5 data teams will continue to unpack these results. Our focus remains on high quality, standards based instruction, using strategic tweaks in content and pacing to amplify our strengths and improve our areas of need. Individual student reports will be arriving soon and sent home with students.

School Improvement Team

Please join our team on Wednesday, October 30th at 3:30pm in the library. We will discuss our RICAS results and elucidate possibilities as to how these results are enhanced by our major SIT goals:

1. Responsive Classroom- Year #2 impleentation

2. Collins Writing- Year #2 implementation

3. Mathematics- Revised pacing and curriculum outcomes.

Growth Mindset

Seeing numerous displays regarding Growth Mindset and observing conversations regarding a Growth Mindset in numerous classrooms has been great. Please continue to emphasize that through effort and hard work, any outcome is possible. One of the greatest lessons we teach to students is the value of grit. By regularly circling back to the concept of grit, we build the capacity for learning and student self-efficacy. Please read the brief article below . This article highlights the power of grit and persistence as drivers of performance for our students.

Student Recognition Assembly

On Friday, November 1st, we will have a student recognition assembly, highlighting students that have demonstrated grit. Please, in the Google Sheet that Lori has provided, provide the names of two students not later than early next week.

Once students have been dropped off in the cafeteria, teachers should gather in their subcommittee groups. The groups will meet as follows:

School Culture- Library

Responsive Classroom- Jessy's room

Ready-Gen Pilot: Darcy's room

My Math Review Team: Wendy's room

Assessments: Coming Soon

F & P runs 11/4-11/12

STAR runs 11/13- 11/20

Please mark these dates on your calendar and plan as needed.

Thank you for all that you do. Your dedication and partnership in all things Winsor is noted and appreciated by our school community.