Student at Louise Arbour Secondary School

Who Am I?

My name is Justin Latchman. I am currently going to Louise Arbour Secondary School. I am very energetic, humorous and i love watching sports (Baseball, Hockey, Basketball). my favorite subject this year is science. my least favorite is math.

My Favorite Things

  1. Sports. i love watching sports. i spend most of my day when i am home watching sports. my favorite sports to watch in order are Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer.
  2. I also like to watch YouTube videos. it is a fun way of passing time for me
  3. i like to eat a lot of junk food.

MY Schooling

The first school i have ever went to was Robert.J.Lee =. i went there from kindergarten to grade 3. then i moved to a new neighborhood and went to Stanley Mills from grade 3 to 5. then i moved onto middle school. i went to Sunny View from grade 6-8 and now i am here, at Louise Arbour Secondary School. my favorite part of school was graduating from public school. my worst part was moving in grade 3, because i had too make all new friends.

top 5 ways to keep a friend

  1. Keep talking to them
  2. Don't judge them for who they are
  3. be yourself
  4. trust each other
  5. be loyal

People in my life

My parents are very important to me. they have taught me a lot of valuable lessons to me, and have made me who i am today. i am grateful to have them in my life.

My Future

i am interested to have a career in sports. that doesn't mean an athlete but i want to be around sports for my career. sports are something that I enjoy, and i want to enjoy my career.