Algerian Clothes

By: Alex Vice/Holden and Will Sheppard

Generation and Area affects clothing

Younger generations have no problem with foreign clothes

Urban men/women wear clothing mainly influenced by France

Rural people wear most North African styles

What might a man be wearing?

Men wear tunics,(called kamis) a vest, and loose pants

Some may wear a head wrapping, (called amama) or a wool hooded cloak (called burnous) depending on the weather

Older men wear either white/brown robes or loose fitting unisex robes (like the gandoura and djellaba) which are worn over their clothing

Many men have beards but the younger more professional men are clean shaven

What might a women wear?

Different examples depending on the kind of women

White/brown robes some fancier than others depending on occasion

hayek, a white or cream garment wrapped around the body and an embroidered veil that covers mouth and chin, leaving the eyes exposed

a bourwina (very similar to the hayek but covers the entire face)

Many wear a hijab (Islamic head covering) or a khimar (A long veil that reveals the whole face)

Some cover their hair some do not

usually try to wear much silver and gold (a symbol of social status.)

Ear and nose rings common (discreet)

Blue facial tattoos common on older women (symbol of beauty and healing)

Urban women may have Western hairstyles but most Algerian women have long braided hair