1. Setting Goals

Academic Goals: My academic goals are getting straight A's and getting into college.

Athletic Goals: Athletics aren't really my thing so my goals are getting the best mile time possible and to get better at sports.

Personal Goals: Personal goals I have for myself is to spend more time with my family instead of social media and/or TV.

2. Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles: Physical obstacles I have are my friends because they distract me from homework or school.

Family Obstacles: My family obstacles are mostly my mom trying to get her passport and become a citizen in the US.

School Obstacles: School obstacles are mostly homework, school work, and projects. These are mostly main obstacles because of turning them in.

Financial Obstacles: The only financial obstacles I have might be in the future. For example being able to buy a dorm when I get into college or university. (That's if I get into college or university). Another example is buying books in the future to study.

3. Resources

Teachers/Coaches: The teachers I can count on would be Ms. Nisbet or Mrs. Tubbs.

Relatives: Relatives I would count on for help are my dad, mom, sister, step-brother, aunts or cousins

Friends: A friend I can count on for advice would be Tania

4. Your Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motivation Plan: My personal action plan for attitude and/or motivation plan is to look on the bright side of things.

Education/Training Plan: A personal action plan for my education and/or training is to try to study more often.

Plan For Acquiring Needed Skills: My plan for acquiring my needed skills would be to get used to talking to the public.

Plan For Study And Practice: A personal action plan I have for study and practice is to spend less time on social media or/and TV.