By:Cain and Elijah

What are Reptiles?

Reptiles are a cold blooded vertebrates.

Their characteristics are bilateral symmetry,cold-blooded,scales,claws and/or nails,and they can be herbivores ,omnivores and carnivores.They are also tetra-pod animals meaning it has four feet.Snakes are tetra pods because they have evolved from animals who had four feet.

Common Blue Tongue

The Blue tongue lives in Australia.It is also a n ambush predator,meaning it finds its prey hides where it knows they will go and ambushes them.The Blue tongue is also Known for being a pet.It is very slow moving and usually never threatens humans.It is also called Blue Tongued for a reason.

They are cold-blooded,vertebrates,have scales,have bilateral symmetry,and are omnivores.

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Dwarf Bearded Dragon

The Dwarf Bearded Dragon can inflate its throat in defense so that its spiky skin can protect itself.It also has the ability to shed its skin every month when it eats enough.It has lots of spikes around its body including its neck making it look like it has a beard , hence the name.Its diet includes insects,small plants,and small mammals.

They are cold-blooded vertebrates,have bilateral symmetry,have scales and claws,and are carnivores.

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Eastern Tiger Snake

The Eastern Tiger Snake is a venomous snake and lives in Tasmania.It has the ability to flatten its body and raise there heads for defense.It lives in Australia and Tasmania.They have Tiger like skin because it is orange and black like a tiger.During the winter they burrow into the ground to stay warm because they are cold-blooded.They eat small mammals and beards.

They are cold-blooded,have scales,have bilateral symmetry,and are carnivores.

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All About Reptiles: What Makes it a Reptile? - FreeSchool
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Reptiles are vertebrates because they have a backbone.They are covered in scales.They have lungs.They lay eggs but some like the boa give live birth.Lastly they are cold blooded except for a turtle called the leather back sea turtle.Most species of reptiles live on land but some who can hold they breathe like sea turtles start out on land and live in the sea,lakes,rivers, and oceans.