Walt Disney

What are the famous Walt Disney movies and why?

There are many movies that walt disney created. Most of them were created by his imagination. Some movies came out in 1990's and became famous since then.

i found 4 facts....

(1) The lion king was going to be called "king of the jungle"

(2) The Lion king was not going to be a musical

(3)December 5th Walt Disney was born.

(4) Cinderella is the first Disney princess to be seen as a little girl


Here are the top five movies

(1) The Lion King



(4)Snow White

(5) Cinderella

Why i think that the lion king is 1st

I think that the lion king is first because it shows life skills,music,to follow your dreams, and never give up.
walt disney uses warner bros pictures to make movies and special clips hes made

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