By Afeez


Disasters have 2 groups. There are man made disasters and natural disasters. The difference between the 2 is important so that you can know when and why it happens and know how to prevent it. Natural disasters have everything to do with change in natural phenomenon, depending on how much is damaged when it hits is depending on how vulnerable the place is. Man made disasters are influenced by we as humans, due to our crave of wanting to make life easier without thinking of the side effects.

Natura disasters include: floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornados, landslides and hurricanes.

Man made disasters are seperated by technological hazards, sociological hazards and transportation hazards.

Despite all of them an important one would be transportation hazards because transportation causes the most pollutions, for example cars, trains, buses and planes. They can cause damage if the right measures are not put in place, being prepared for things like this is important, to help civilians be prepared for the affects and after effects of disasters dependson thee readiness for it.


Diasters are a terrible force of nature because every year they kill and injure a large population of people.
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Do you think people take global importance for disasters seriously?

o Yes no

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest; 10 the highest) how much do natural disasters have an effect on the lives of Canadians?

o 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Do you think the Canadian government is helping the victims of natural disasters?

 Agree Strongly Agree disagree strongly disagree

Do corporations have a responsibility to help victims of disasters?

o Agree Strongly Agree disagree strongly disagree

Do you think that there aren’t enough charities out there that help people affected by the natural disasters?

Yes No

Do you think that some natural disasters are a result of global warming?

Yes No Maybe

How much do you think multinational corporations are responsible for the environmental pollution that leads to global warming? On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not responsible at all and 10 being completely responsible.

Not responsible at all completely responsible

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Primary Data

Disaster graph results

Q1: Based on the graph it shows that people think that global importance for disasters are serious, total of 57% compared to 43%.

Q2: Based on the graph it shows that 18% of people think that natural disasters have a grave effect on Canadian lives.

Q3: 51% of people believe that the Canadian is government is helping the victims of natural disasters.

Q4: 50% of people agree that corporations have a responsibility to help victims of disasters.

Q5: 55% of people believe there are enough charities out there that are trying to collect money for the disasters in other countries.

Q6: 53% of people believe that yes some natural disasters are a result to global warming.

Q7: due to pollution and other company effects 18% of people believe that companies are on a ranking of 10 that they are completely responsible for global warming.


Graph Analysis

Based on the results of the data shows that companies are responsibe for global warming. Their actions are what lead to man made disasters. 57% of people believe that natural disasters are terrible. Disasters are negative because they distrupt the economy and the eco system. Multinational corporations are responsible for global warming due to the carbon dioxide gas from their buildings. Our cars are the ones emmitting that gas too, so to prevent global warming that leads to disasters we have to stop bad habits. Many people believe that charities are out there helping the disaster victims. Corporations should help disaster victims because they have alot of money to help people and it will look good on them when they do it.
Big Idea 8: Natural Hazards Affect Humans

Global Importance of disasters

The Importance for disasters is serious due to the after effects that take place. Since natural disasters can be man made or are nature it is hard to find out which caused it. The global impotance for disasters is serious because it takes a big toll after the damage has been done. People who were barely making it in the world would know be suffering. Having to get a new home and being homeless is not what was asked for. Yet the rich people will get back up and it will seem like nothing ever happend. Finding ways to be prepared for disasters is important so that back up plans have been made if it were to happen.

Social Inequality

When faced with disasters there are the people that have go through it and suffer. If disasters were to come the rich can easily bounce back up while the poor take a long time to be able to get back up on their feet. Income-related inequalities, notably in the ownership of capital and other assets, in access to a variety of services and benefits, and in the personal security that money can buy, are growing. There is also greater inequality in the distribution of opportunities for remunerated employment, with worsening unemployment and underemployment in various parts of the world affecting a disproportionate number of people at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. The inequality gap between the richest and poorest countries, measured in terms of national per capita income, is growing as well. The popular contention that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer appears to be largely based on fact, particularly within the present global context. Moreover, extreme or absolute poverty, experienced by those whose income is barely suffi- cient for survival, remains widespread. That is why when disasters hit the rich can bounce back and the poor cant.

Unfair and Unjust exploitation

Money used to help take care of the disaster victims would probably not be sent to the victims due to the greedy people in an organization using it for there personal gain or enjoyment. The richer nations suck up the resources from the third war countries that have been through disasters for their own gain. When richer nations give money to the disaster victims they would expect money back with interest. The terms and conditions of the repayment of the relief funds may not be to the advantage of the affected nation. To exploit others is to take unfair advantage of them. Although ‘exploitation’ has figured prominently in Marxist theories, it is frequently invoked in ordinary moral and political discourse.

William Fielding Ogburn (Theoretical interpretation)

The theorist that it relates to would be william fielding ogburn because he believes that technology is the single most important mechanism driving progress in society. Yet technology is there to better of transportation and transportation technology is whats creating global warming. Basically this theorist believes that due to the way technology alters the way we interact with our environment it should be a positive thing. In fact it is negatively affecting Society because transportation mechanisms are what are fueling man made disasters which is negative for the world. Although technology is positive for the world due to communication, trying to get a message out to a large audience and transportation as well. Though there is the negative aspect which is detrementating our society.

Human Organization

They try to educate the people in society, and tell them about the world, and help out the ones in need from disasters, they ask for donations. Human Organizations give available resources for local vulnerable populations. It is clear that preparing effectively for disastrous events cannot be accomplished with a single, simple template. Inclusion of Community Human Service Organizations direct service delivery persons. Ensures that emergency disaster planning efforts for vulnerable populations are effective and responsive to unique needs and constraints. By balancing existing local resources, it extends the preparedness system's reach to the whole community.


To wrap up Its just to show that disasters are bad, both man made and natural because it still has a negative effect on the people and on nature. Man made disasters are the worst due to the fact that we are creating them. When the negative aspect of it kicks in everyone runs. Where as natural disasters are natural and the best way to avoid it is by taking the right reprecautions. Canada and all the other conutries should be helping as well due to the fact that we are one coutry as a whole in the globe and we should all help one another. I believe that With all the efforts the people are putting in, we need to do more. There are many people going through these disasters, and so little people that are helping. The best way us as citizens can help is by reducing your ecological footprint so that we can save the remainder of the world we have left.