Pride and Prejudice Project

By: Andrew Davis

Relationship analysis of Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet

Mr. Bingley and Jane met at the ball in Meryton. Bingley to a real liking to Jane at the ball for he danced two dances and was very distinguished amongst his sisters. After the ball they were always together and when others were around they did not notice them because they were so engrossed with each other. Although while they were together they did not face many obstacles the biggest obstacle they did face was Mr. Darcy. He convinced Mr. Bingley to leave for London. Miss Bingley wrote a letter to Jane explaining that they had left and did intend on coming back for Mr. Bingley had falling for Miss Darcy. This made Jane feel rather upset at the fact how a great man like Mr. Bingley could hurt in such a way as he did without giving her any word. A few months later she left with her aunt and uncle to go to London and was hoping that she might run into him. While there she ran into Miss Bingley who came and dined with her and she acted as if she did not matter. Later she finds out that Mr. Darcy made Mr. Bingley leave for he thought that Jane did not love Mr. Bingley enough and thought it was ill for someone to love a lower class. They soon find out when Mr. Bingley returns to Netherfield when he came to propose to Jane for he still loved her that Mr. Darcy and Miss Bingley hid from him that she had stayed in London. In the next twenty years I think they shall still as happy as ever living in Derbyshire. They shall have at least one child who has grown up to be a very upstanding person and they shall always be in love with each other.

Should we read this in school??

Although at the beginning of the this project of reading Pride and Prejudice I thought it was terrible, and there was absolutely no meaning or values to get out of this book. Now that I have forced myself to read the book I actually enjoyed it, it made me very frustrated at a lot of parts but at the ending of the book I was very happy with it. It showed me some real values that I honestly didn't think I was gonna get out of it. I actually saw that no matter what your true beliefs are on something such as Mr. Darcy not thinking that it was smart to love let alone marry someone of a lower class. That even if you believe in something you can always change your views for someone that you love so much and it really doesn't matter what someone says about it. I have also seen that even though you might have judged someone so poorly in the beginning you should still get to know that person because your initial judgement could be wrong.