How Do Video Games Affect Teens?

By Sam Brownlee

Why did I choose this topic?

I chose it because I really enjoy playing video games.(Even if i only get to play them for 10% of my time*cough* too much school*cough*) and the topic of whether or not they're healthy.

How does this topic relate to everyday life and why is it important?

Well I play video games everyday and many other people play video games everyday and make a living off of streaming their gaming. So i'd say it's pretty important.

The Facts

Good facts

  • Problem solving skills- Solving levels is like solving one big puzzle. It gets easier as you get used to it.
  • Testing Theories- If you fail try again. You have to go at different levels from different angles. The likely hood of you being able to beat a level on your first try is low so you have to go back and try it again but this time you have to do something different.
  • Anticipation- You think about the whole goal of the game as well as the little problems that come up. Like in Super Mario 3-D world. The goal is to get all the Sprixies back from who’d of guessed it Bowser and all or the world boss levels are the little problems.
  • Aware of the Situation- According to the article "The Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games" the army uses video games to train the soldiers to more aware of the situation at hand.

Bad Facts

  • Increased chance In Depression and Anxiety- Sadly if you’re very addicted to playing video games you probably are more likely to be depressed or have anxiety about little things.

  • Very violent- This one can prevented really. Games rated M shouldn't be played be young people. Like 5th graders. Games like Call of Duty can have a negative affect on young kids making them more violent at a very young age. All they have to do is say "No, that game is too mature for you. You are just a kid."
  • Socially isolated- If you play for too long it can become a need to play again, and again, and again. That's not healthy. Eventually you'll just want to be living in the game and not with your family and friends.

The Point is...

After all the articles I've read recently have said that there is way more good than bad. I strongly believe this because when I started playing video games I saw a change in my school work and in the way I saw things. I think that anyone who doesn't play video games should absolutely play them. I know this may sound stupid, but they truly changed my life and the way I do things. No matter what anyone says.
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