Rainforests Should Not Be Logged

----------------------◄THE DISCUSSION►----------------------


A rainforest is a forest with a minimum annual rainfall of 254cm and consists of 4 layers: The Emergent Layer, The Canopy, The Understory and The Forest Floor. A rainforest usually has exclusive plants than anywhere else. The first 2 points will be about saving the rainforest and the next 2 about getting rid of the rainforest.



All rainforests are vital for our medicine. Take example, if there were no rainforests left in the world we would not have medicine to cure anxiety, fever, fatigue, coughs, heartburn, parasites. Scientists today are finding more and more cures to different diseases through the forest and if the rainforests and the current rate of deforestation may mean more and more viruses and diseases. Therefore rainforests are vital for our medicine.


Rainforests produce oxygen for us to breathe. For example, if we removed all the rainforests we would have less oxygen produced and breathing would be more difficult because:

  1. More Caron Dioxode would be absorbed by plants.
  2. Less Oxygen would be made from that Carbon Dioxide.
Therefore rainforests produce oxygen for us to breathe.



Rainforests are in the way of farmland and future transport links. Say if there were no rainforests, building transport links where the rainforests were would make trading easier and farmland so that we get more food and wheat. Making more food actually would help those in rural areas and in poor countries. Therefore rainforests are in the way of farmland and future transport links


Rainforests should be cut down for wood. Example if all the rainforests were chopped down we would have so much wood to create enough furniture for everyone and it will help those in rural areas and poor by giving them wooden furniture and houses. Whereas if there are still rainforests we will soon run out of wood for everyone to have. Therefore rainforests should e cut down for wood


In conclusion, cutting down rainforests gives way for farmland and future transport links and gives us wood but saving the rainforests gives us vital rainforest medicine and provides us with more Oxygen. Personally I think that rainforests should be saved so that future generations can see the adventrous rainforests and I don't won't to get diseased.