Boy Finds Long Lost Grandfather

Orphan Bud Caldwell seeks a part of his family to escape the awful foster family he was placed with. Bud began his search for Herman Caldwell, a local band leader whom he believed was his father. After Buds mother died he was placed in the care of the state. After several bad experiences with foster homes Bud became nervous about what was to come next.
When Bud finds a flyer with the name of Herman Calloway and his band he begins his search for the man he believes is his father. Bud finds the Calloway Band and accidently blurts out his mothers name and Mr. Calloway discovers the name of Buds mom is very similar to his daughters name. Both the band and Mr. Calloway discovered that Bud his actually his grandson. After much explaining Bud is welcomed into the band and the heart of his new family.