A New Life In The New South

By: Jada Hatcher & Kamrynn McElmurray

The New South

Henry W. Grady was the voice of the "New South". He urged Georgians to forget the past and create a New South built on industry. He promoted the vision for the New South at a meeting of The New England Society of New York. Grady shared a hopeful view of the New South's potential. He wanted the New South to be based on economic diversity and a healthy growth over time.

Resisting the New South

Farmers' Alliance

Some people liked the idea of the New South, but others, such as farmers, disliked it. Farmers resented the new idea on business and industry. Life was difficult for farmers because of the dramatic drop in cotton prices. To protect the interests, a movement called the Farmers' Alliance was established. It created cooperative stores to buy agricultural goods at discounts. Also, encouraged politicians to fight for Rural Free Delivery (RFD). Thomas E. Watson was the leader of the Populist Party in Georgia and fought for Farmers' needs.