By Daniel Hayes & Chase Rezapour

Main Issues

The problem with deforestation is that trees can be grown as fast as they are cut down. So we end up cutting down all the trees and have to move to another forest casue the trees dont grow fast enough for us to cut them down.

Another problem is that we use so many diffrent ways to cut down the forest that sometimes we start wild fires and burn down forest and other times we kill wild animals in the process.

Negative Effects

Some effects that can hurt the envirment due to deforestation can go on forever. We can start fires and kill animals. We destroy the land and destroy animals that have lived there for a long time. If we just concetraded on one piece of land in the world then we wont have to kill of animals and destory many areas of land.

Regions Most Affected by Deforestion

The forest in the United States are being the most affected. There wasn't many articles of what specific areas have been the most affected.

Wildlife Most Affected

The javan Rhinoceros is one of the most effected animal due to deforestation. Land use change from forests to farmland has been the most destructive factor on the Rhino, and there are fewer than 60 left in the world.

How are Wildlife Affected by Deforestation

Animals are affected by deforestation because people cut down forest which the animals live in and the animals have no were to live so they die because they have no place to live and no food to eat.

Is League City Affected by Deforestation?

No League City is not affected by deforestation. Yes deforestation could reach League City, if the government ever started cutting down trees near us it could casue roads to be shut down so we would have a harder time going places.

What Casues Deforestation?

People casue deforestation. Humans feel greety and want money so they cut forest down for new building for thier commany's. Fire casue some of deforestation because it burns down many trees and causes the forest to burn down at a fast rate.

Solutions for Deforestation

People have come up with a few ways to slow or stop deforestation. One of the ways to recycle pulp and other things from the wood that was used. The second is to recycle wood and use recycled wood instead on new wood. The third way is to make it so you have to have a license to cut and farm trees to sell to the public.