Facebook Ppc Marketing


The high number of people using Facebook may it be for communication or entertainment purposes represent a high potential for advertising opportunities that can increase the brand recognition of your company. Let's face it. Not all advertising options have the capability to bring in thousands of people under a single website however it's a different case for Facebook as it has become one of the most popular and successful platform of all time. In fact, the creating of Facebook might be also considered as something sensational and phenomenal as it features great services that are of great help to people especially when it comes to communication and finding people who you haven't had a contact with for a long time. These are probably some of the main reasons why people can't seem to get enough of it.

However, in an advertising perspective, Facebook has definitely so much to offer to all business owners and advertisers out there particularly when it comes to targeting audience. It's not just about the communication aspect that makes Facebook an essential tool for them but it's the capability to reach a wider range of audience that makes it Since people submit basic information regarding their age, marital status and interests before they could actually join Facebook, this allows advertisers to use these important details to narrow down the number of people which will be under their target market.

Most advertising options allows advertisers to add a headline which consists of only 25 characters however with Facebook PPC, advertisers can expand their headlines up to 135 characters which can be placed in the main body of the pay per click ad In addition to this, they are allowed to post a picture of their products together with the ads.

In spite of the many benefits that Facebook ppc advertising offers to its users, it does have some limitations as well. One example of this limitation is that the link of your ad should direct users to a certain website, a product review page on your own page or a similar page that exists on Facebook.

Once you have made your own Facebook page, that's the time you can invite your subscribers and your customers to be your friends on FB and ask them to be a fan of your page. In this case, when someone visits your Facebook page and they find out that one of their friends is a fan of yours, it would definitely give them a good and positive impression towards you. Thus, it increases your chances of obtaining traffic to your website.

tracking and monitoring

When it comes to tracking and monitoring the progress of your ads, Facebook has also found a way to help you make this task easier. In fact, they came up with the idea of having three types of reports that people can use in order to get an in-depth analysis on how they're doing with the FB ppc. Through these reports, advertisers are able to pinpoint the things that people love about their and what they don't love it.