Flat Connections Flying High

Digiteen/Digitween Project Update

Official Press Release

The September to December 2014 semester of Flat Connections Global Projects has participation from many corners of the globe. Classrooms, students and teachers are all connecting, collaborating and learning together through the fully managed and supported projects Flat Connections brings to them. The logistics and mentoring that goes into each of these projects to make them a success is always challenging, but Julie Lindsay has continued to refine the ever-evolving process with the help of experienced, tech-savvy project managers.

Teachers and schools are invited NOW to consider joining a Flat Connections Global Project starting in February 2014. There are projects for Kindergarten level up to senior High School. Comprehensive teacher guides for each project share the aims and objectives and expected workflow and outcomes. What is really special about a Flat Connections project is the teacher community that comes together to build global learning experiences for the students - teachers tell us it is often the best professional development they have had for a long time!

Take this opportunity to learn more about connected and collaborative learning through this webinar recording, ‘From Connections to Community, Learn How!’, presented by Theresa Allen, and focusing on building global collaboration using Edmodo.

Digiteen/Digitween Update

Great Collaborations!

Digiteen/Digitween 14-2 led by Theresa Allen and Helen McConaghy, continues to give teens and tweens an important place to explore issues of digital citizenship. In this project students work in global teams to develop a researched-based topic via a Google Doc and then action projects around important digital citizenship issues based on community needs are designed and implemented by classrooms. The students build a learning community by connecting via Edmodo and use Skype or other video conferencing to further their communication throughout the project. The students are currently working on researching one of the five areas of awareness: global, cultural, social, technical and individual as they relate to one of six competency areas. These digital competency areas are: safety & privacy; copyright, fair use & legal compliance; etiquette & respect; habits of learning & managing health and academic online activity; habits of learning & managing social media and virtual worlds online activity; literacy & fluency. The students will present their work to their school and community in December and January after their project is complete.

You can hear from the Digiteen/tween project students themselves in November as they will be presenting their learning at the “Global Education Conference Student Summit” this year!