Jack Anderson Elementary

April 15-18, 2019

Remember, No School on 4-19-19!

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We are TNReady at JAE!!

3rd-5th graders had a fun pep rally in the gym Thursday afternoon. We wanted to get them fired up for testing! They competed in some fun/friendly prizeworthy games and heard an encouraging message from Mr. Thurman.

K-2nd students lined the hallways and cheered as the 3-5 friends walked past.

These kids are well-prepared, and we can't wait to see them shine! Check out this cool video!


TNReady Testing Schedule

Testing will occur for 3rd-5th graders at JAE during the weeks of April 15-19 and April 22-26.

April 16- ELA Part 1

April 17- Math Part 1

April 18- Math Part 2 & Math Part 3

April 23- ELA Part 2 & ELA Part 3

April 24- ELA Part 4

April 25- Science

We will use afternoons and any additional days needed for make-up testing. Please make every effort for your child to be present and on time to school on testing days.

5th Graders Rocked the STEM Expo!

Tweet about the Expo from JAE_stem

We are so proud of the fifth grade students who presented at the 2019 STEM Expo! Thank you students for putting in hours upon hours of research and preparation for this event. Thank you also to the staff members who helped and supported the students before school and who accompanied them to Murfreesboro!

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration will be held at Jack Anderson Elementary on April 26, 2019 from 9:00-12:00.

Eligibility requirements

Eligible children are those who are five years old on or before Aug.15, 2019. Before starting school, the following information must be provided to school officials:

  • A state-certified copy of the child’s birth certificate. Get certified copies of birth certificates at the Sumner County Health Department.
  • Proof of required immunization and current physical. These items can be provided by the Health Department or the child’s doctor. State law requires a series of three Hepatitis B shots and other immunizations, some of which must be spaced out over a specific period of time. Check with your child’s healthcare provider to make sure all shots can be obtained before the start of school.
  • Proof of legal residence of the student’s custodial parents or guardians, which can be established by providing one or more of the following: current invoice/bill (electric, gas, water, landline telephone) assigned to a specific address and the primary custodial parent/guardian (cell phone bill is not accepted), legal documents for property ownership/residency and other similar legal documents.

Parents are encouraged to bring the required information on registration day, but any missing information can be provided at any time prior to the start of school. The first full day of school is Monday, Aug. 5.

Register early

Sumner County Schools spokesperson Jeremy Johnson said in a release, “As we look at budget and staffing issues for next year, the size of our kindergarten class is the most difficult thing for us to predict,” he said. “Early registration is important because it gives us our first indication of how large that class will be, and those numbers directly affect how we assign teachers and plan programs for the upcoming year. The higher the percentage of turnout we see on April 26, the closer our projections will be to what will actually happen in the fall. If our projections are accurate, we are better able to keep changes in classroom assignments to a minimum once the school year starts.”

Parents who miss this registration day will have to register kindergarteners at New Student Registration during the summer.


Just to recap:

For Incoming Kindergarten Students For the 2019-2020 School Year

*Students Must Turn (5) On, Or Before August 15th, 2019

*Students Must Currently Live In the Jack Anderson Elementary School Zone

Items Needed For Enrollment

*TN State Shot Record w/ Physical

*DL/Picture ID of Primary Residential Parent

*Certified Birth Certificate (not mothers copy)

*(2) Proofs of Residency In Primary Residential Parents Name (must be directly relatable to address – lease, mortgage document, utility bill)

*Custody Papers If Applicable

**Residency Will Have To Be Verified Again In August During The Back To School Event**

April Staff Birthdays

4-2 Kyla Jordan

4-3 Amy Bradley

4-6 Amanda Elliot

4-11 Kara Freebern

4-18 Cammy Fitzgerald

4-22 Brittany Nash

4-22 Jennifer Osborne

4-30 Kayce Jones