Where I'll Be 10 Years From Now

By: Zachary Zhou


2017: Receive a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin

2019: Receive a master's degree in Business from UT Austin

2019: Become a mechanical engineer

2020: Publish a book

2021: Get married

2023: Find hobbies and participate in related amateur competitions

5 Things that Could Derail Me

1. Drug abuse

2. Terminal cancer

3. Gambling addiction

4. Car accident

5. Spontaneous combustion

5 Musts

1. I must DO WELL IN SCHOOL in order to graduate with an engineering degree

2. I must STAY PASSIONATE ABOUT LEARNING in order to receive my second degree

3. I must FIND INSPIRATION in order to successfully write and publish a book

4. I must SEARCH for the right one in order to marry someone I will love enduringly

5. I must REMAIN HEALTHY in order to participate in hobbies such as rock climbing.