2019 Learner's Showcase Scholarship

Weld RE-4 Learner's Showcase Scholarship Information.

Who: All Windsor High School Students Grades 9-12

What: Here is your chance to win a scholarship for an innovative project that you created in one of your classes this year. All you need to do is prepare and deliver a 10 minute presentation about your project that:

  • defines the challenge and describes the process

  • identifies sources, references or creative inspirations

  • describes how you generated, selected and evaluated ideas and your process

  • the originality of your product

Entry Deadline: February 8, 2019

Preliminary Scholarship Judging: February 21, 2019, in the WHS Media Center

Finalist Announced: February 22, 2019

Final Scholarship Judging: February 28, 2019, Windsor High School 1:00-3:00pm

Winners Announced: February 28, 2019, at the Learner's Showcase, Windsor High School. Showcase winners will need to arrive in the gymnasium at 5:45pm and will be announced at the opening ceremonies approximately at 6:05pm.

Why: The goal of the showcase is to give the community, business leaders, and governmental agencies a glimpse of the awesome learning and innovative projects happening in the Weld RE-4 School District!
AWARDS: A scholarship of up to $500 toward higher education.

*Information regarding the preliminary showcase judging will be sent via student email address, so be checking your student email regularly.

Do you have an innovate project that you created in one of your classes this year? Would you like a chance to earn a scholarship for that innovative project

You can deliver your presentation with an Ed Talk, as an IGNITE, a poster or with a model. Prepare your communication to

  • peak the scholarship panel's interest
  • help the panel to connect to your project
  • manipulate your speed, tone, and volume to emphasize important ideas
  • provides multiple examples and interesting descriptions

Practice your presentation so that it will

  • demonstrate speaker energy with eye contact and physical gestures
  • include elements that are fun, lively, engaging, and powerful to the panel

Fro more details, please check out the Scholarship Presentation Rubric

How To Register:

Contact the teacher who's classroom you developed your project with or ask Mrs. Smith, the WHS Learning Coach or Mrs. Person, the WHS Media Center Specialist, and ask them to help you sign up for the Learner's Showcase Scholarship at this link (it is the same link used to register for the showcase):


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for the the scholarship after February 8, 2019?

  • No, the deadline is firm and allows time for information and notifications to be sent to presenters.

Can I still present at showcase if I don't qualify for the finals?

  • Yes, but please notify us if you decide not to present at the Showcase on February 28, 2019 so you are not assigned to a presenters space and your name does not appear in the program.

Am I required to present at the showcase if I am chosen as a finalist?

  • Yes.

When will I know if I have won?

  • At 5:45PM, the night of the Learner's Showcase (February 28, 2019), an announcement will be made for everyone to return to the cafeteria for refreshments. a closing ceremony will be given and Innovative Education Scholarship Winners will be announced at this time.

How will I receive updates and important information?

  • All communication will occur via student email addresses. Please be sure to include your student email address in the registration form and check that email regularly for updates and important information.

How long does the presentation need to be?

  • Your presentation should be 10 minutes or less. At 9 minutes, you will be given a 1 minute warning.

What types of presentations can I give?

  • There are 3 types as follows:
  • Ed Talk - Usually at the front of a classroom with a slideshow to support oral presentation
  • Ignite - Similar to the traditional presentation, but delivered with 20 slides timed at 15 seconds each
  • Poster and/or Model - Usually at the front of a classroom with a large poster containing images and graphics or model like plants, sculpture, poems, art drawings, robotics, or electronics with a possible hands-on demonstration.

How should I dress when giving a presentation of this sort?

  • Please dress in a professional manner, as there will be 5-7 judges and we want to represent WHS in a positive light.

What types of equipment will be provided for me to use for my presentation?

  • A MacBook hooked to a projector will be provided. If you need other equipment, or are using your own device, please bring the appropriate adapters, or speak with Mr. Andres (curtis.andres@weldre4.org) at least a week before your presentation to make arrangements.