CCIC Update

October 14, 2022

Principal's Update

Dear CCIC Students and Families,

As you are certainly hearing, we’re off to a busy fall here at the CCIC with many events at the building and a great deal of activity in each of our pathways!

Beyond the things you’ll read about in this newsletter like the arrival of our new Blackhawk helicopter, exciting Aerospace events coming this year, etc., we’ve also been busy hosting district-wide events like STEAM-a-palooza last weekend. With over 2,400 visitors just on Saturday, the CCIC hosted several dozen STEAM partners, industries and students and families from across the entire school district. While HS students filled in as volunteers and activity leaders, the primary audience for the event was our K-8 students who appeared to have an excellent time! Pictured below is the CCIC commons filled with activities in robotics that drew an immense amount of attention and excitement throughout the day.

While we are having an excellent start to the year, we are also planning for possible future expansion. This includes ways to expand and grow our current pathways in new and needed ways to meet industry opportunities. It also includes adding new pathways in areas yet to be served here at the CCIC or within the school district.

As a family member, student, industry partner, or community member, if you are interested in helping with this work, please reach out to me at We are building our planning team this fall for work that will begin soon and go throughout the school year. Student and community voice in this planning process is critical and we welcome your interest and support!


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Upcoming CCIC Events

United Rotorcraft Donates Black Hawk Helicopter

Students, staff, and board members thanked United Rotorcraft for the Black Hawk helicopter donation earlier this month. This helicopter will help aviation students take classroom theory to real world aircraft systems and construction. This includes aircraft landing gear, fuel systems, ice and rain protection, and aircraft structures.

Career Conversations Podcast

The Career Conversation Podcast, where YOU take control of your future and gain the confidence you need to reach your career goals! Each week, CCIC counselor Ryan Seely will bring you bite size conversations from real people, working within real careers. Join him, as he dives into the economic outlook of our future, and careers that will offer the most growth and economic prosperity! Listen Here

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