Come to Connecticut

The Founder and Why it was Founded

Connecticut was founded by a minister named Thomas Hooker, it was founded because Thomas disagreed with the puritan leaders so he left Massachusetts and founded what today we call Connecticut.


They have very cold winters and they they have mild summers. They have flat lands near the coastlines. It is very hilly and mountainous further inland. It is difficult to farm because of rocky soil.


The are largely dependent on the ocean. Fishing, whaling, trapping, ship building, and logging is important to Connecticut. They used the triangular trade, which is when shippers became wealthy by buying slaves from west Africa in return for rum. Also selling the slaves to the west indies in return for molasses.


Each Puritan town governed itself by setting up town meetings. The people of Connecticut had free consent and representation. They were Convinced that the Bible contained a clear blueprint for the good society and they based many of their laws on Biblical precedent.


People in Connecticut were puritans. Thomas Hooker was the minster. To the citizens of Connecticut they thought of their religion as a spiritual personal and a political demonstration.

This is some information about Connecticut in the 1700s