Friendship according to Humphry

what this book is about


Humphrey is the only class pet of room 26 until a new frog from another class named og came along. Humphrey tried to be friend with him but there was no response besides Boing-Boing. Humphrey thought og was mean. Until og saved his life.

a little on what happened

og the new class pet ( later in the book) it was a day of because of snow humphrey was hungry got out of his cage humphrey tried to get food but got stock og jumped out and saved him and they were friends after that


"I'll tell you how the whole week went: TERRIBLE-TERRIBLE-TERRIBLE! It must of been national frog Appreciation week, because frogs are all we talked about in Room 26"

Author: betty g. birney

Book: Friendship according to Humphrey



This book is really good I encourage you to read it

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I have read a book called the cay and it is close to this book because there was these 2 people who were trying to get to know each other just like humphrey and Og

there is this other book named ready Freddy and he was trying to know what a bat would do to him

Stuart little was adopted by a boy and he was a mouse the boy got to know the mouse