Deciduous Forest Biome Project

By: Iris Aguilar

Deciduous Forest Description

The Deciduous Forest is located in the eastern half of North America also in the middle of Europe. Deciduous Forests are mostly found in Asia. Most Deciduous Forests areas are located in Southwest Russia, Japan, and Eastern China. South America has two main areas full of Deciduous Forests in Southern Chile and Middle East Coast of Paraguay.

Deciduous Forests Abiotic Factors

The temperature in the Deciduous Forests are usually 50ºF. The climate of the Deciduous Forest is that the average rainfall inches per year is 30 to 60 inches. Some parts of the Deciduous Forest is a summer average. In the winter months it rains 14 inches of rain and in the summer months it rains 18 inches of rain. The Deciduous Forest has many landforms like mountains, hills, flat areas, and rivers.

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Deciduous Forest Biotic Factors

The Deciduous Forest has many animals who live there. For example a black bear is well adapted because of its coat for the colder seasons and short for the hotter seasons. All the animals that live there have already adapted to the weather changing. Plants that live in the Deciduous Forest have also special adaptations to the weather that change in the Deciduous Forest. When the winter comes some of the animals migrate to another place and then they come back.

Ecological concerns or issues

A catastrophic event that has happened in the Deciduous Forest is that there are a lot of wild fires. Which causes trouble for trees over there to grow. Trees are being cut down to make room for more people to live there and to make more paper. The space that they are cutting down are used for farming crops because the Deciduous Forest has such great soil. Plus what makes it even more worse is that the forest wold never grow back. A way to save these trees and forest are to use less paper and wood and try to use reusable stuff to build homes or other things.