Supporting Academics At Home

Resources for a Primary Hybrid Model

Welcome to the parent resource center!

This page gathers parent tips on teaching at home, instilling accountability, promoting independence, and creating routines for at-home learners.

Here is our counselor information if you have additional questions or if you need additional support!

School Counselor:

Kara Kupinski

924-3252 X3184

School Psychologists:

Tania Zazulak-Angelini X3174

Julie Branlecki X3176

Emily Hopkins-Ives X3182

Apple Podcast: TED: What Kids Need During the Pandemic

Validate, Label, and Process Difficult Emotions

Article Collection on Behavior Problems

From the Child Mind Institute

Calming Resources from VCSD

A variety of mindbreak activities

Crisis Support for Families

Focused on Food, Financial, and Emotional Supports

Set Up a Daily Schedule

Build Your Own Daily Agenda and Develop Habits

Teach Points and Resources by Age Level

For adults who want to be better informed about children's academic development

Technology Help

Tips and How-to Videos from our librarian