Success In Motion

Fitness/Dance Camp for at risk youth ages 5-12

Raising funds to give kids a chance-

This fitness/dance summer camp gives at risk youth four weeks of, increasing fitness, fun, and success in children ages 5-12.

Why fitness? How does it relate to success?

We know through research that there's a direct connection between kid's fitness levels and their academic success. Kids scoring higher in fitness also score higher in grades and attendance, leading to a better chance for success in later life.

At risk kids, living in poverty, challenged by crime filled neighborhoods, and little supervision, are on a road destined for anything but success. Lack of healthy, nutritious food, safe areas to play, and adult supervision, these kids are left to fend for themselves.

What is Success In Motion?

Success in Motion is a program developed to help youth overcome these obstacles as they climb to success. Teaching them to value health and fitness equals teens and adults less likely to use unhealthy substances in the future. Teaching them confidence through dance, fitness, and athletic abilities shows them first hand how working hard leads to success. In this program, kids learn that they have many choices in life, and that no dream is impossible.

This intensive, fun filled camp gives kids a place to go during summer, when they would otherwise be unsupervised. Using music, dance, sports, and games, they will gain physical endurance, as well as learning how to set realistic goals for success. Nutrition and health issues will be covered. Healthy lunch and delicious snacks will be served, allowing kids to learn how to prepare and serve for their own families. Organic exposure will be increased through regular trips through nature. We will spend time taking about the importance of building good relationships and helping to build strong communities. After our four week program, kids will be able to stay in contact with each other and group leaders, for continued mentoring and support.

Want to be a part? Funding is what will make this camp a reality. A Kickstarter campaign is coming soon, but if you are looking to donate time, money, or contributions, all help is welcome! Please contact us for more info. You are a key element in creating these kid's success story!

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