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CDE Recognizes 3 DCSD Libraries as "Highly Effective"

Congratulations to Tracie King from Acres Green Elementary, Pete Vincelette from Mountain Ridge Middle School, and Stephanie Meurer and Jennifer Milstead from Sierra Middle School. On April 9, 2014, the Colorado Board of Education and Commissioner Robert Hammond recognized 22 schools for their highly effective school library program. Pete Vincelette was featured at the ceremony on his Highly Effective website. Each Teacher Librarian , along with their respective principal, assessed their library program using the "Highly Effective School Library program Evaluation Rubric."

Douglas County school district now has 6 Highly Effective School Library Programs as these three schools join, Rocky Heights Middle School, Ranch View Middle School and ThuderRidge High School.

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Copyright Question Of The Month

Q: My district is in the process of reviewing and updating its copyright policy to include references to today's technologies and the implications of the TEACH Act 2002. Do you have any recently rewritten policies that you would be willing to share?

A: Your copyright policy should only say that you will abide by federal copyright law. the law changes about twice a year, and more often if you count common law court decisions. It is your procedures that should change when the law changes, not your policy.

Simpson, Carol. "Copyright Questions of The Month." Library Media Connection Mar.-Apr. 2014: 25. Print.