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September 2019

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GT Open Houses

Welcome back to ORMS GT! We are so excited to have an amazing school year in 2019-2020. Thanks to all those who attended GT Open House. 7th grade's meeting was September 3 before ORMS Open House and 6th grade's meeting was September 16. 8th grade's GT Open House meeting will be Monday, October 7 at 5:30PM in the library. We will be sharing information from your child's GT advisory teachers, our counselors, high school AP teachers and Blake Haygood, GT Advanced Academics Specialist. If you have any questions about your child's presentation please contact their advisory teacher. Presentations for 6th and 7th grade are below if you were unable to attend the meeting.

6th grade GT Open House

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Every fall Jenna Madrigal, our UIL director for ORMS, works with the GT students to see what aptitude they might have for the various UIL Academic events. Students chose which tests they want to take for UIL. Practices start soon for UIL with all the different coaches of each event (see below). UIL is a great way for your GT child to show off their academic gifts, be a part of a team, learn and grow in various areas, compete against other schools, earn possible scholarships in high school and have so much fun! UIL competitions are for 7th and 8th graders only, but 6th graders can attend practices and prepare for when they can compete next year!

Ready Writing: Amanda Hunt

Science: Brandon Wilson

Oral Reading: Amanda Hunt

Calculator: Kristen Bryant

Number Sense: Kristen Bryant

Mathematics: Kristen Bryant

Spelling: Mary Patterson

Modern Oratory: Carolyn Barber

Impromptu Speaking: Shannon Duffy

Social Studies: Norma Cowan

Dictionary: Carolyn Barber

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UIL Awards For Practice Tests

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6th Grade

Getting To Know You

6th grade spent the start of the year getting to know one another, themselves and their gifts. They also participated in UIL practice events. 6th grade can attend practices, but cannot compete in the UIL Academics until 7th grade. We do love to have them on our practice teams so they can be ready when they get to 7th grade. 6th grade GT will have a guest speaker next week who will do activities with them. They also will complete the Personality Zoo quiz to see what their strongest personality is. We will share that in next month's newsletter for you to complete at home if you want. Take a look below at the 6th grade GT year-at-a-glance!
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Ms. Redwine

6th GT Advisory



Ms. Beabout

6th GT Advisory



7th Grade

Getting To Know You

7th grade GT has been doing instant challenges, brain teasers and UIL practice so far this school year. All these activities give the students a chance to show off their GT skills, as well as learn how they work in a group. It gives them the opportunity to see their strengths and weaknesses. This will help when we have the 7th grade GT competition in March!
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Ms. Brooks

7th GT Advisory



Ms. Stanush

7th GT Advisory



8th Grade

Getting To Know You

September was full of brain teaser games, Circle Times, UIL practice, an empathy assignment for the students of El Paso, learning personality traits and so much more! It's been a full few weeks in 8th grade GT! Students spent almost everyday in September in the library meeting as a whole group so they can get to know all 8th grade GT, as well as Ms. Cowan and Ms. Bryant so they could group each student on a team that fits them the best this school year. Students found out who their group members were for the year on Wednesday, September 25. We can't wait to get going with the fall project of Shark Tank and the marketing challenge at the Farmer's Market!
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Ms. Bryant

8th GT Advisory



Ms. Cowan

8th GT Advisory



Upcoming Events

8th Grade Science Fest 2019

Sunday, Oct. 6th, 3-6pm

186 South Castell Avenue

New Braunfels, TX

Every year since Science Fest began 8th grade GT has rented a booth to have hands-on makerspace/STEM activities to do with anyone who attends Science Fest. This year we have sign ups in one hour increments so please ask your 8th grade GT child when/if they signed up to work this event. We look forward to it every year and always have a blast!

8th Grade GT Parent Meeting

Monday, Oct. 7th, 5:30pm

415 Oak Run Point

New Braunfels, TX

On Monday, October 7 at 5:30PM in the library we will have our 8th grade GT parent meeting. At this meeting we will discuss what GT will look like for the upcoming year, the counselors and some high school AP teachers will talk about grad plans and the future of your GT child in high school and Blake Haygood will talk about our overall NBISD GT plan. Please plan on attending if you can.

GT Evaluations

Monday, Jan. 6th 2020 at 8am

415 Oak Run Point

New Braunfels, TX

In January we will be mailing the first semester GT evaluations home so you can see what your child and GT advisory teacher have to say about their experience thus far this school year in GT. We will also send another evaluation home the last week of school in May. Both evaluations will go in your child's cumulative folder as well.

Amanda Hunt, Librarian and NBISD Secondary GT Facilitator

Please contact me or your child's advisory teacher if you have any questions or concerns about the GT program at ORMS.

Blake Haygood

Blake is our district's GT Advanced Academics Specialist.
NBISD GT Differentiation

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