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Usage Tools and Reports

Imagine Learning recommends for administrators and teachers to monitor usage on a weekly basis. The middle of the school year is also a great time to take a deep dive into the Imagine Language + Literacy Usage Tool and Predicted EOY Report. Additional information on the Usage Tool and Predicted EOY Report is available below, as well as links to tutorial videos. Make sure to choose the video most appropriate for your role. Once you have watched the tutorials, log in to your Imagine Learning Portal to monitor usage.

Usage Goals:

Weekly Goal: 60 minutes

YTD Usage Goal by January: 16 hours

Click link for Usage Smore with additional information and tutorial videos.

Progress Reports

Imagine Language & Literacy provides portal reports where administrators and teachers can monitor class and student progress. Teachers can use the data to pinpoint the precise strengths and needs of each individual student. The reports show how students’ language and literacy skills are improving over time, how much curriculum students have completed, and which skills require reteaching. Student progress through the curriculum can be monitored in the Progress by Lesson report at the group and student level, and teachers can see progress by lesson in literacy, oral vocabulary, and grammar. The report shows which lessons students have completed or tested out of, and which lessons students are working on.

Additional progress report information and tutorial videos can be accessed in the SDPBC – Progress Reports Newsletter Smore located here:

Action Areas Tool

The Action Areas Tool can group students according to need, efficiently addressing unfinished learning. The tool uses the embedded formative assessments from the students’ personalized learning pathway to supply actionable insight for teachers and administrators. The Action Areas Tool identifies students in need of additional support, groups them by skill, and provides links to online and offline Imagine Learning activities and printable resources for use in intervention sessions.

Action Areas Tool Video

Teacher Resources

Teachers can access Imagine Language & Literacy online and offline resources right from their portal. Teachers can use progress data to determine which resources would help them to meet the needs of their students best.

What are Teacher Resources?

The Teacher Resources are offline resources that teachers can access and print from the portal. Included in the Teacher Resources are supplemental classroom activities, reteaching lesson plans, book texts, worksheets, flashcards, graphic organizers, and other printable materials that work hand-in-hand with the Imagine Learning digital curriculum in a blended learning environment.

To learn more about the Teacher Resources check out the videos below.

Teacher Resources Overview Video

Teacher Resources Reteaching Video

Activity Explorer and Playlist?

What are the Activity Explorer and Playlist?

The Activity Explorer and Playlist are online interactive resources. These resources make it easier for teachers to provide students with either small group or individualized instruction, whichever is most appropriate for them. Use the Activity Explorer to find activities by navigating through the friendly menu or by searching. The Playlist allows teachers to assign up to seven activities to a small group or a single student. After students complete the playlist, they will return to their individualized pathway.

To learn more about the Activity Explorer and Playlist check out the video below.

Activity Explorer and Playlist Video

Imagine Your Future Contest

Each trimester, 1 top school and 3 top classrooms will be highlighted in The School District of Palm Beach County Imagine Your Future contest.

At the conclusion of the contest, top students, classrooms, and top schools will be celebrated for literacy effort and embodying the Imagine Learning spirit.

Click below for all the possibilities to shoot for the stars this school year!

Lead Customer Success Manager - Elgis Pedrera

I am so excited to be the new Lead Customer Success Manager in South Florida. Even though I am new to the role, I have worked closely with the SDPBC multicultural team and Imagine Learning team to monitor your implementation of Imagine Language + Literacy. I look forward to working closer than ever with the SDPBC district teams, school administrators, and teachers to ensure that you continue to have a successful implementation of Imagine Learning.