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Student & Family Update - June 12, 2022


Please feel free to reach me at anytime at jlowe@centralia.wednet.edu or (360) 827-6302 with any questions that are not directly addressed here. We look forward to and welcome any questions or comments you have as each one helps us improve our service and communication! Thank you.

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Schedule Information this Week

Schedule for the Week of June 13, 2022

Monday - Regular One Lunch Schedule (See Below)

Tuesday - Regular One Lunch Schedule (See Below)

Wednesday - Early Release Wednesday - STUDY HALL

Thursday - Regular One Lunch Schedule (See Below)

Friday - Last Day of School Schedule (See Below)

May-June Calendar

Please see the attached calendar of events below for plans through the end of the year. Please note the special bell schedules indicated on some days. Please let me know if you have questions. Thank you.
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Wednesday Early Release - STUDY HALL

This Wednesday is an early release STUDY HALL DAY at CHS.

New Information this Week!

Weekly Events - Week of June 13, 2022

Last Day of School - Friday, June 17th!

Congratulations and Diploma Distribution

Congratulations to all our seniors who walked on Friday night. Seniors may pick up their diplomas at the following times;

Where: CHS Front Foyer

Who: Parker and VanBuskirk


Monday, June 13th - 11am - 2pm

Tuesday, June 14th - 11am - 2pm

Wednesday, June 15th 9:30am - 11:30am

Chromebook/Textbook Returns - Important Information, Please Read!

This week we will continue our return process for student Chromebooks and textbooks. Please see the schedule below for Chromebook and textbook returns. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you.

Monday, June 13th

9th-11th graders will return personally checked-out Chromebooks and any checked-out books to the library during their regular ELA class.


Summer School Transportation Times!

Elementary 8 - 11:30 (incoming 1st – incoming 6th)

7:50 bus drop time

11:30 pick up time

Middle 8:30 - 11:55 (incoming 7th – incoming 8th)

8:20 bus drop time

11:55 pick up time

High School 8:35 – 12:00 (incoming 9th program and credit recovery)

8:25 bus drop time

12:00 pick up time

Migrant & Special Education Recovery Services @ FP 12 p.m. – 3:30

11:50 - 11:55 bus drop time

3:30 pick up time for

Summer Job?

Students, are you interested in a summer job? If you are 16-years-old, please consider working with our Centralia School District Summer School Program.

Here is the posting with information and directions of how to apply.


Student Sticker Contest Information

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Rascal Rodeo Information

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Summer School Programs!

We are excited to let everyone know we will be offering and partnering for a full range of Summer School offerings. Please talk with your students about these opportunities and encourage their participation. These programs are all free of charge for students.

CHS Summer School (credit recovery) - Open to all CHS who have failed a class at CHS but earned 40% or more in the course. Also available to incoming 9th graders who failed either WA State History or Algebra 1 and need to recover that credit. This program will be staffed by CHS teachers and directed by Avery McLeod (thank you Avery!). It will begin on Monday, June 27th and end on Friday, July 22nd. The program will meet daily from 8-11:15am except for Monday, July 4th.

CHS/Centralia College - High School Plus - Open to 16-year-old and above CHS students who have failed one or more classes at CHS (no minimum percentage required as they will complete entire courses). Classes meet on specific days at Centralia College. Please see the brochure attached below and contact Jim Parker for more information.

CHS/Centralia College - Running Start Summer Program #1 - Open to students in the Classes of 2022 or 2023 who were enrolled as full time Running Start students in the 2021-22 school year OR are within 15 credits of earning their AA degree (students must have been previously registered in the Running Start program). Students may register for up to 15 credits of classes offered through the regular Centralia College summer quarter offerings.

CHS/Centralia College - Running Start Summer Program #2 - Open to students in the Classes of 2022, 2023 OR 2024. Students are NOT required to have been a previous participant in the Running Start program. This program is targeting students who are in need of credit recovery and students interested in professional technical classes and fields of study. Students will be required to enroll in the Introduction to Career & College Prep course. Students may register for up to 15 credits of classes offered through the regular Centralia College summer quarter offerings.

CHS 9th Grade Enrichment Program - Open to incoming 9th grade students. Students will be offered an enrichment program including enhanced orientation activities, study skills and extended enrichment during July. More information on this program will be forthcoming.

CHS 9th Grade Orientation - Required for all 9th Graders. Students will depart CHS at noon at Tuesday, August 30th for CISPUS Outdoor Learning Center where they will engage in a comprehensive orientation program. The program will include an overnight stay at CISPUS that evening. Students will return to CHS during the evening of Wednesday, August 31st.

SENIORS - Important Information from our CHS Counselors

Click here for important information for our SENIORS from the CHS Counseling Office!

CHS on Social Media!

We Are Centralia High School!

Who are We at Centralia High School?

Dear students, parents and families, please remember that our Centralia High School EDUCATIONAL community MUST embody the values noted immediately below each and every day! We cannot operate without EVERYONE buying into these values. Please let me know if you have questions!

High Expectations

We have the highest expectations for our staff and students and a professional learning environment is foundational. Students and staff collaborated to outline behavior expectations at CHS. These include upholding the following values;

Responsibility - Own your actions.

Respect - Give it to get it.

Safety - Because we care.

Service - Offer your time and support to others in need.

Who We Are at Centralia HS

In all that we do, we ask ourselves how it fits into the following statements;

Where We Are Going…
Centralia High School will be the exemplar for sustained innovation and empowerment of students.

How We Will Get There

Our whole child approach develops the skills and mindsets to empower each student to become a sustaining and innovative force for our future.

What Will Guide Us

Empowerment leads to purpose.

We are better together.

Relationships are foundational.

Learning is everyone’s responsibility.

Words To Remind Us

Together we are learning focused to empower then amplify every student, every day.

These statements guide us each and every day at CHS. All employees of CHS aspire to embody these qualities and characteristics in their daily work with our students. Thank you for supporting us in our efforts!