Juliet Immortal

Connecting novel to greek mythology

About Juliet Immortal...

Juliet Immortal is about two lovers named Romeo & Juliet. In the real Romeo and Juliet they were in love and killed themselves. In this novel, Juliet didn't kill herself, she was murdered by her beloved Romeo. When Juliet would fall in love with anyone else but Romeo, he would try his best to break up and destroy their love. As they live for centuries, they enter other lovers bodies to see what it's like to love again. One day There was a couple named Ariel and Dylan. Dylan drives and one day they got in a crash and was so close to dying. Then Juliet ended up in Ariel and Romeo took the place of Dylan, When Juliet was controlling Ariel they both fell in love with a boy named Ben. Juliet wanted to make sure she would find the guy of her dreams and help her out because Dylan wasn't the best boyfriend. Ariel was a really shy girl so Juliet wanted to help and improve her life. The whole time she was inside of Ariel she became attached and fell in love with Ben.

Featuring Juliet as the Protagonist...

Juliet is the protagonist because she's the one who wants to help Ariel, She wants her to become a better person and improve her life. The antagonist in this story would be Romeo because he murdered Juliet and tried his best to destroy the guy that Juliet would fall in love with. The main characters in my novel are Romeo, Juliet, Ariel & Ben. Ariel is a shy girl who died in a car crash but body was taken over by Juliet. Ben was a boy who was loved by Juliet/Ariel. When Juliet & Romeo died It was always hers and Romeos job to help others find true love.

Connections between my novel & Greek Mythology

Personal Review

This was a really good book and I recommend it to anyone who likes stories and crazy books and it's fiction

Connection #1

One connection between my novel and greek myths is that Ariels ex boyfriend Dylan was a player and he was always bugging people and jumping from girl to girl, He reminds me of Zeus because even though he's married to Hera he always has affairs with other women.

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Connection #2

Another connection between my novel and Greek mythology is Juliets beauty, she reminds me of Aphrodite, but she never knows what guy to choose in the book, is it Romeo or Ben? Her and Aphrodite are so alike because they use others for there beauty and desire.