Gender in sports:

Should Girls Be Able to Participate on Boys' Sports Teams?

Imagine this You go to your local school's championship football game and the star player on the other team is a girl. The captain of your local team decides to forfeit because he does not believe in tackling girls. Girls should not play on boys' sports teams because it makes boys feel uncomfortable, and it is unfair to girls' sports teams.

Once boys reach puberty, it is unfair for boys to compete against girls. "Due to the male hormone, androgen boys develop more muscle mass per unit volume of body mass than girls" (Women's Sports Foundation). Therefore boys will be stronger and faster. "Post Puberty there is no reason for girls not to participate with and against other girls"(Women's Sports Foundation).

"USA Hockey's most recent growth and retention studies found 54% of 8U girls quit the game before the progress to the 10U level..."(American Development Model). There are benefits of girls playing on a girls team rather than a boys team. Girls will not get as many chances as boys to have the role of captain or lead the team.(American Development Model). Girls can possibly get angry at not being chosen to be a captain. Due to the fact that girls may not be as talented as boys they might not get equal playing time. Girls can get upset with their playing time causing them to think badly of themselves and there skill.

There are also upsides for girls that are playing on a boys team. Girls could get better by playing and practicing with boys. However they might not get as much playing time not because of their skill but because of there gender. Girls might be intimidated of the boys on her team and on the other teams.

Girls should not play on boys teams because it makes boys feel uncomfortable and it is unfair to girls' sports teams. This topic is important because if any girl is allowed on a boys' sports team there will be no good girl athletes on girls' teams. If no one makes a change one day there will be no girls teams for the girls who want to participate with other girls, not boys.

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