The biggest struggle for teens

By: Mercedes Standard

Introduction to my idea

Why I believe idea # 4 is important is because in today's society in the year 2015 we as individual teens we all have everyday struggles. We all even have struggles with go through using (SM) whether we are the problem or not Some worse than others but we all go through things.I would just like to address some of the biggest things that I believe we struggle with as teenagers. I to even find myself struggling with some of these things that I will discuss in this project. I even find myself saying "Remember Mercedes you aren't perfect. And its OK to not have your s...together every second of very day"

My top three struggles for everyday Technology..

Why I chose this idea as a everyday struggle with technology for teens is because. A lot of us think"Oh thy don't know if I'm lying or even if I'm with such and such"But actually that may not be the case so we shouldn't just assume that because we are texting people that we are always or they are always being honest with us.People will tell you what they think you wan tot hear and sometimes it may not even be the truth. So we as individuals should be able to tell the difference when people are lying to us or when they are being genuinely honest with us. Overall we should learn to be more cautious but not obsessive cautious.And with peole beign fake in general or even being dishonest in person they have to tell a lie to cover up the lie that they just told. And pretty soon they find themselves in a swimming pool of lies. Being fake and lying are to bad habits to have.
Why I chose this idea as another struggle is because today in our generation. Media and Television have a big impact on our brain. To look pretty or even qualify to became a model you literally have to be a size 2, or have perfect boobs, or be this tall. Or something even more ridiculous you have to be this color,be this tan or have this color hair..As The TV shows rating goes up they more we try to modify or alter our lips to look like these celebrities we see on TV o we hear on the radio. A prime example of this idea is just recently when Kylie Jenner got a lip injection to make her lips fuller. Females were doing things to make their lips fuller like hers. You shouldn't have to pose to look like celebrities if people like you just the way you are
There is a lot that i can say about this topic but I'm keep it in a short paragraph. Teens can be so evil and mean and cruel including me We will be the first to get even with you or basically revenge sometimes for small petty things. Or we do things that at the time make sense but later on we think " Gosh why did I do that"But when it comes to making fake twitter accounts or (FB) accounts to talk bad about your ex friend or someone you just don't like. We will do it and its mean and hurtful We would be highly mad if someone did that to us But its OK to do it to someone else No we should treat others with respect or how we want to be treated regardless of how they treat us. Being the BIGGER person will get you a long way in life.