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Mid-Year Testing

We have been busy taking our Mid-Year tests. You will receive the results of these with report cards when we return in January. When we were integrated with the 4th grade, both grades took the same test. Now that we are separate, we are taking the test we took at the beginning of the year as well as test designed for 5th graders. The tests designed for 5th graders will let Mrs. Camp and me know exactly what we need to teach or review before our Terra Nova testing in late February/early March.

Holiday Party

On Thursday, Dec. 18th our class will be building candy houses. This is a Hoseyland tradition. Parents and siblings who are not in school are welcome to join us. I do need volunteers to supply the materials for the houses. Your children have volunteered you for ingredients. The list is attached to the paper form of this newsletter. If you can not provide the ingredient your child volunteered, please let me know ASAP. (reg8926@gmail.com).

Thanks for your support with this fun activity.

Multiplication Tables Must Be Automatic After Christmas

In January we will work with fractions. Fifth grade fraction work requires automatic knowledge of multiplication facts. All of the kids need practice with the 12 times tables. They also need to review the nine, eight and seven times tables.

We will visit the Holiday Store on Monday right before lunch.

Monday, Dec. 15th, 11:30-11:45am

PTO Holiday Store