Number The Stars

By: Lois Lowry

About The Book

Annemarie Johansen will have to stay strong and brave for her best friend Ellen.It might depend on both of their lives. If she or anyone makes a mistake even a small one they could all be “relocated” or killed. The Nazis disrespect anyone Jewish or not. They will stop at nothing to kill off the Jews but the people of Europe will not stop protecting them no matter what. Would you have the courage that Annemarie has?

Annemarie, Kirsti (Annemarie’s younger sister), and best friend Ellen are stopped on the corner as they were racing against each other. They were stopped by no other than the Nazis that seemed to be at every corner of every street always watching the people of Denmark. After the interference with the Nazis they went back home and her sister blurted it out to her mom. They became worried. This was only the starts of their fears. The Nazis start to try to “relocate” the jews and Ellen’s family is Jewish and they need to hide. Annemarie comes in close quarters to being captured or killed.

This book is a very interesting fictional book yet it still tells many true facts. It keeps you on edge and makes you want to keep reading and see what all of it means and what’s going to happen. It tells you of all the struggles for people in Denmark and how the Nazis affected them. Will Annemarie and her family make it through all of their hardships?

Three Real Life Facts

1. Nazis used dogs to find people hidden in places they shouldn't be at.

2. The Nazis did not capture Sweden therefore many Jews tried to travel there to be kept safe from the hand of the Nazis.

3. Denmark's ruler Christian X destroyed his own fleet of naval ships because he stood no chance against the power of the Nazis and didn't want them to have more supplies.

Who Would Enjoy this book?

This a good read for anyone but especially for people who enjoy history with a twist of adventure and suspense. I would suggest this book for anybody I know. It’s a great fictional read that everyone MUST read.