Virtual Resume

GLC2O0 Summative - Kiran

Part 1: Goal Setting

Academic SMART Goal

My goal that I want to achieve by the end of high school is to get accepted to a good University. I want to get accepted to a University when I am in grade 12, about to graduate high school. I would preferably like to get accepted to a University that specializes in their arts programs. For example, Ryerson University School of Image Arts. I will be taking classes that I know the University has on their prerequisite list To achieve this goal I will need to get 80's - 90's in each of my classes to keep my average high. Also, to set myself aside from the other people applying to the same programs as me, I will do Co-op during grade 11 and grade 12. This will show just how much I already know but also, what I have not yet been taught. This is an important goal because I want to go to University. I think that college or university teaches you a lot more than just what you are learning in class. If I do not set and work towards my goal now, I most likely will not get another chance to go to University. A few of the smaller goals I will set for myself right now are, improving my attendance record, going to Co-op next year and finishing assignments and homework to do better in all of my classes.

Volunteering SMART Goal

Before I graduate high school, I want to complete 200 hours of volunteering. The required amount of hours needed to graduate high school is only 40, but that is really easy to do. I will be tracking the number of hours I complete on the sheet the guidance office gives. To achieve this goal within the next two years, I will need to balance my school work and the time I spend volunteering. I think It is important for everyone to volunteer. There is so much you can learn from the people you are volunteering with or from what you are doing. Volunteering is a selfless act and a lot of times people take what they have for granted. By doing something for others without getting anything back in return makes you appreciate what you have. To achieve my goal by the end of high school, I will volunteer over the weekends for 5-8 hours a day. During the summer, I will volunteer 3 days a week for 5-8 hours. By organizing a schedule, I will be able to complete 200 hours of volunteering by the end of grade 12.