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by Mady and Tripti

Have you ever heard the phrase, “working together keeps the peace?”

Working together is the whole point of cooperation. There are a lot of ways people can cooperate, here are some: Liz likes playing on the soccer team. The best way to score a goal is by working together. Andy and Deb have chores to do at home. The

chores get done faster if they work together. Working together means two minds connected together to make one great idea .

Reference: Working Together by Pam Scheunemann

World News--The Olympics

by Krupali, Megha, and Siddh

Sochi Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are a collection of sports that all have and include winter materials, like snow. This year, it is Sochi, Russia’s turn to host the Olympics. In preparation, they have stored 500,000 cubic meters of snow and ice, enough to fill 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

There are many sports in the Winter Olympics, and there are also many types of sports. Shown below are all the sports included in the Winter Olympics.





Ice Hockey




Olympic Facts

  • The XXII Olympic Winter Games (Sochi) 2014 began on:

Friday, February 7

and ends on:

Sunday, February 23

  • The U.S.A is sending 230 athletes (105 women and 125 men) to the Sochi winter Olympics. This is a record for the highest amount of athletes from the same country to participate in the Winter Olympics

  • The 2014 U.S. Olympic Team features 106 returning Olympians – including one five-time Olympian, two four-time Olympians, 10 three-time Olympians and 23 two-time Olympians

  • 99 Olympians are returning from the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics, where the U.S.A got the most medals with 37 medals. Overall, among the veterans are 49 Olympic medalists, 13 of whom are Olympic champions

  • Todd Lodwick, a Nordic combined skier, becomes the first American to compete at six Olympic Winter Games. Only 4 others have competed at 5+ Winter Olympics

  • Thirty-eight states are represented, including 20 athletes hailing from California, 19 from both Colorado and Minnesota, and 18 from New York

  • The sports and state sort rosters for the Olympians are below:


  • The ticket sales to Sochi, Russia are low because three wives of terrorists who got arrested are threatening to hide a bomb at the Olympic Stadium.

  • 2016 Olympics are in Rio, Brazil. 2018 Olympics are in PyeongChang, South Korea. 2020 Olympics are in Tokyo, Japan. 2022 Olympics are in Stockholm, Sweden.

2024 Olympics might be in Austin (Lee Leffingwell might bid for Austin)


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History--Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

by Neha and Nikit


Today, we live with freedom. We are all treated the same and this is all because of our civil right leaders who tried to support freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very important one. Here are some important facts about him:

Martin Luther King Jr. was born with the name Michael Luther King Jr. but later had it changed to Martin. Martin Luther King was born on January 15,1929 in Atlanta Georgia. Back then, Martin was known the best for being a Baptist and a civil rights activist. Several years later he tried to fight for his race with a non-violent demonstration, but ended up getting arrested. Still, Martin Luther King did not give up. He gave speeches and ended up at almost every place injustice took place at. Sadly, on April 4th, 1968 while resting on his balcony, he was assassinated but his dream of freedom came true. Segregation ended on 1964 and since then, we have lived freely all thanks to the brave, thoughtful, determined man, Martin Luther King, Jr.

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