Gr 2 ELA and MATH

English-Language Art (with Mr. Yearick) ; Math (with Miss H)

Last week of January in ELA:

This week in reading we read the book "Owl Moon". We discussed some things like plot, setting, and writing style. We focused on the long 'o' sounds of "ow" and "oa", stretched our sentences out, and came up with some silly examples to help us identify subject and predicate.

We prepped a bit for next week with some stick puppets for Monday's read aloud, "The Great Ball Game". We've got a very artistic class! Next week we'll also look at sentence fragments and run-ons, and we'll review how to make plurals.

Unit 5 was our GEOMETRY unit!

We've had a lot of fun building pyramids, making polygons, looking for symmetry and playing with geoboards and tangrams. On Thursday, we took our UNIT QUIZ and on Friday we used our iPads to take pictures of items (and people) in the classroom that were symmetrical. We used an app that allowed us to add the line of symmetry on each photo.