Twelve Days of Tech Tips

or Really Cool Things You Can Do With Google

Day 9 - Build with Chrome (Virtual Legos)

Build with Chrome

I don't know about you, but I LOVE Legos! My son, Austin, had tons of them when he was younger, and he was always building something. Well, now your students can build structures anywhere in the world with virtual Legos on Google's experimental site, Build with Chrome. All the fun, and no stepping on little pieces scattered about!

This application has three modes:

1. Explore All Builds, which allows students to explore buildings, even 2D structures, vehicles, characters, and random objects on a Google Map. Each object is categorized and you are able to zoom in/out of the map.

2. Build Academy, where students train to become a Master Builder by completing challenges. The Build Academy provides practice and training to build structures in various locations. It also provides different tips and tricks to use for your structure.

3. Start Build, which allows students to build a structure using creativity and imagination. If students have a Google account, they are able to publish the structure to a Google Map.

LEGO® Build With Chrome

Building with Chrome in the Classroom

Students can use the application to:

  • apply critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • easily adapt
  • use their imagination and creativity to produce a structure, town, or city
  • contribute to building a community with other users
  • collaborate and share their communities
  • apply mathematical, architecture, and engineering skills.
  • publish their structure to a Google map using their Google account

Classroom ideas:

  • create an eco-friendly, "green" community
  • narrate a tutorial on building a structure with the application
  • recreate a historial landmark
  • sort pieces to reinforce mathematical skills
  • centers for early finishers
  • teach concepts such as volume or multiplication by counting brick units
  • have students write about the structure they built
  • students design a structure to fit the geographic environment
  • build two dimensional tessellations or something that represents a geometric shape

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This is my first year as the Technology Integration Specialist at Southwest Christian School, Elementary Campus. My goal is to spread the word about all the amazing technology available for our teachers to use in the classroom. God called us to be educators. I believe we should do our best to make learning fun and relevant for our students. Education incorporating the use of technology is just one of the ways we can engage and challenge our students as they become 21st century learners.