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About The Sea Lion Splash

This newspaper is about heroes. We picked heroes because there are many heroes around the world like Kyle Wilson. He sacrificed himself in a fire when he was saving other people in a house. He was a true hero because he was brave and dedicated.

Hidden Heroes

Hero Interviews

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Interview with Mrs. Norwood - by Christen McKindra

Views on Kyle Wilson

QUESTION 1: I wanted to know what its like to be principal so I asked, "What is it like being the head the school?

RESPONSE: She quickly answered, "The job is very hard because you have to care for students as well as teachers. You also have to very organized, "said Mrs.Norwood

QUESTION 2: As a student, I'm very interested in after school programs. So I asked the principal," Do you have any ideas of any clubs?

RESPONSE: Mrs. Norwood replied, "No, I feel it's important to ask the students for their ideas. Ideas on what kind of clubs would be the best for this school."

QUESTION 3 : As the principal, it's important to have good teamwork. "How do you like working with Mrs. Drzewucki? Also, how did you select Mrs. Drzewucki to be your Vice-Principal?"

REPONSE: With a smile, Mrs. Norwood replied, "She is a lot of fun and is very positive. She was interviewed and seemed to be the best fit for the position."

QUESTION 4: Kyle Wilson is such a big school. How long did it take for Kyle Wilson Elementary to be built?

REPONSE: Mrs. Norwood replied, "it took a year to be completed and we worked hard to finish it on time.

Mrs.Norwood's Family

QUESTION 5: I wanted to know more about Mrs. Norwood on a personal level. Nothing is more interesting than family. So I asked her, "how many people are in her family?"

REPONSE: "I have a husband and two daughters."

QUESTION 6: "Interesting, Do your two daughters go to this school?"

REPONSE: "No, I have a thirteen year old and a senior in high school."

Mrs.Norwood's Background

QUESTION 7: Who was Mrs.Norwood's fourth grade teacher?

REPONSE : With proudness she said" Mrs.Gold."

QUESTION 8: What grades did you teach before being a teacher?

REPONSE: Well I used to teach 1st ; 3rd ; 5th; and 6th. But 3rd grade was the best though.

QUESTION 9: Why did you want to be a principal?

REPONSE: I thought I could make a difference but not just in a classroom but in a big huge school.

QUESTION: Who is your biggest hero?

REPONSE: She replied her Mother is and has always been her biggest hero.

Interview with Mrs. James - by Bryce Elderidge

Today I am interviewing Mrs. James.

1. What do you do here at KWES?

Mrs.James:" I am a student counselor here."

2. How do you help students as a counselor?

Mrs. James: "I go to classrooms and help out in classrooms."

3. How did you become a counselor?

Mrs. James:" I didn't have good counselors when I was a student, so I wanted to become a counselor to be a good role model."

4. What is the best part of your job?

Mrs. James: "Meeting new people."

5. What do you in your free time?

Mrs. James: "I spend time with family."

6. Are you in charge of any clubs?"

I am in charge of Next Generation club (military club)"

Thank you for your time and help.

Story by Brandon Griffith

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Top 10 Things about Kyle Wilson Elementary School by Mrs. McLeod's Students

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