The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins


There are 12 districts in all, and from every district two tributes-one boy and one girl-to compete in the annual Hunger Games. All is well in District 12 until Katniss's little sister, Primrose, was chosen as tribute. Prim was just a kid, and Katniss could not let her compete, so she volunteered as tribute to take place of her younger sister. Peeta Mellark was the boy tribute and once they were both chosen, they went to the Capitol. They were pampered and lived in luxury during the reaping. The reaping is where they are assessed on their skill and scored from 1-12. Then came the Hunger Games. All 24 contestants were put into a game field where they would fight to the death. An announcement was made that if two tributes from the same tribe were still alive they could be co-victors. Peeta and Katniss were the last remaining team, but there was one more tribute, Cato from District 1. They fought and fought until finally District 12 prevailed. They both had the opportunity to go home together as a couple, and finally it was all over. But this did not please the Capitol that there were two victors. The Capitol isn't done with them yet.

Reason Book was Banned

The Hunger Games was objected in 2010 because people thought the book was anti-ethnic; anti-family; insensitivity; offensive language; occult/satanic; violence . (ALA)

Work Cited

Should It Really Have Been Banned?

This book is very entertaining and can teach values such as friendship, and selflessness. Also many people can relate to Katniss because she was someone who had to take over the mom role for their siblings and would die before they let anything happen to their siblings. Parents should not be able to take away something that kids love so much because it is an escape and the book is amazingly written with many apparent life lessons if you just look closely. "As Molly Raphael, the President of the American Library Association says : 'whether in print or digital format, books are a precious resource, providing us with information, entertainment, opinions, ideas, and a window on lives far different from our own.'" (Jaqui)