Vasek's Vision

News for the Week of October 28-November 1, 2013


Math: This week we the students will be describing how cent, dollar and decimal symbols describe money. Students will also be recalling and applying basic addition and subtraction facts to 18, and in some cases higher. Students will use partner facts (7-4 and 7-3) as well as turnaround facts (4+3 and 3+4) to help increase their mental math fluency. Students will be problem solving daily to connect math to everyday experiences, while they communicate, and use logical reasoning to justify thinking. *Daily: warm up in math - this covers a variety of skills that the students will spiral through. The goal is that the constant exposure will keep all the skills fresh.

Social Studies/Writing: The spotlight in social studies will be our PBL project on community landmarks. Research is underway and wrapping up as students conclude their research and move towards the construction of their final exhibit. Students are maintaining their group jobs as they learn collaboration, they have realized that collaboration isn't always easy but it's a necessary skill.

Reading: The focus in reading will be distinguishing fiction from nonfiction. Students will be answering the question: how do readers know when a book is fiction versus nonfiction? Students will determine their purpose for reading a nonfiction book as well as the author's purpose for writing the book, known as TAP (Topic Audience Purpose). Later in the week, students will generate questions. Asking questions helps the reader gain new information or thinking. Friday we will focus on the poem of the week.

Writing: The big idea in writing this week will be researching to gain information and All About Books. Students will continue to add to their All About book, which is a topic they know a lot about.


Our class will be collecting extra candy on November 1st to donate to the Texas Baptist Children's Home. Through our research we have learned that the TBCH takes candy donations to distribute to families and their children. Our class thought this would be a great way to give back to our community.


Friday, November 1st is the last day for Coins for Coats collections. Thank you for your donations so far.


Tuesday, Oct. 29th - Class T shirt distribution and class picture for the Yearbook!

Tuesday, Oct. 29th - TAG Parent Information Night at 6:00 pm

Wednesday, Oct. 30th - Early Release at 12:45

Thursday, Nov. 7th - Picture Retake

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