Tay Sachs

Shemarrionna Buchanan


A Rare, Inherited disorder that destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

A fatty substance in the brain.

Typically found in people with a certain ancestry - Eastern European Jews

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Signs & Symptoms

Slowed development appears at 6 months speeds up until they lead to death around age 4.

difficulty swallowing, hearing loss, seizures, vision loss, or impaired voice.

Faint or wasting away feeling of the body.

Muscle weakness, coordination problems, rhythmic muscle contractions, or stiff muscles.


Inherited if both parents have the gene.


Both parents need to be checked for gene. if they are both positive for it most likely the baby will have it so get the baby checked .

Ages found to be affected by Disorder:

0-6 mo

3-5 yrs

6-13 yrs

Management & Treatment

No treatment. On going research!

Talk to your doctor about management choices.