Josephine Baker

French actress, singer, and dancer from America

Young life

Josephine Baker was the child of Carrie McDonald and Eddie Carson. Eddie Carson left not long after she was born so Carrie married Arthur Martin. Josephine grew up in St.Louis Missouri babysitting wealthy white children and waiting tables. When waiting tables she mat a Man named Willie wells. She decided that she did not want to have to relay on a man for finance support so she left him when she felt was right. Along her life she also married Willie Baker, Jean lion, and Jo Bouillon.

Paving the Way

Josephine Baker was a huge supporter of racial and woman equality. She had 12 adopted children each of a different race, she often referred to them as the "Rainbow Tribe", to show that people could get along regardless of the color of skin. She became a overnight sensation and was huge in France starring in two movies, singing in different bands and preforming in different theaters.She even helped during World War two smuggling hidden messages on her music sheets and preforming for the troops. Josephine died on April 12 1975 days after her last performance. She was the first American woman to be buried in France with military honers and Because of her efforts in Racial equality May 30 is National Josephine Baker day.