Na+H20(single replacement)

Balanced Equation

2Na+2H2O----->2NaOH+H2 making sure there's the same amount of elements on each side of the equation by a adding number whenever necessary


Sodium plus hydrogen oxide yield sodium hydroxide plus dihydrogen. This is the formula name for the balanced equation.

Molar Mass

In finding the molar mass of sodium you take the atomic mass 22.990 and determine if there's a coefficient if not you atomic number is your molar mass. When finding H2O you take the atomic mass of hydrogen 1.008 times its coefficient 2 which is 2.016 then plus the atomic mass of oxygen equals 18.01528. For the product it NaOH plus their atomic masses 22.990,15.999,1.008. An hydrogen times its atomic mass and coefficient 2.016
How to Calculate Molar Mass

Mole to Mole conversion

With this you start off with the moles you are given 11.30 moles of sodium times the coefficient of NaOH in the balanced equation then divided my the molar mass of sodium which equals 11.3 moles of NaOH
Mole-to-mole and Mass-to-mass Conversions

Mass To Mass

You start with your given 10.20 times 1 mole Na times the top ratio mole 2 for NaOH times the molar mass of NaOH 45.979414 all divided by the molar mass of Na 22.989707 all equals 10.2 grams
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