The Great Wall Of China

By Jada Watson

The Mysterious Great wall

Would you ever imagine dead bodies lay inside a wall? Only if you were thinking about The Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is filled with many mysterious. Some even think the secret ingredient to the gigantic wall is sticky rice.

Ancient Times

Under the rule of Shi Huangdi the Great Wall was built. It took a about ten years to built, and thousands of peasants and soldiers to build. Many died building the wall. Actually some believe many workers who died building the wall would simply be buried in the wall. If that's true there must be hundreds of dead workers inside of the wall. Why would they go through so much trouble to build a wall? Well the wall was first built for protection against Northern nomads. Soldiers used signal towers to let others know if there were any attacks. Smoke was used during the day, and fire was used at night.

Constructing And Restoring

The Great Wall is not one wall, but several walls put together over time. It stretches over 5,000 miles long! Thirty-five feet high, and twenty- five feet wide. Made of mostly dirt, stone, and brick. Depending on what section of the wall it is. During the Sui Dynasty The Great wall was repaired 7 times, but later on around the 1600s The Great Wall fell to ruins. The wall was no longer needed for protection, so repairs weren't needed often.
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The Swai Dynasty is repairing the wall once again. Out of the many reconstructions took place to unsure safety.

Present Day

For most of it's time The Great Wall was used for protection. Around 1600 BC the wall stopped using for protection. Now days the walls use is only for tourist attraction. In 1987 the wall was awarded World Heritage Site. The most popular section of the wall is the most preserved piece. Built during the Ming Dynasty. This section mostly includes of natural features. Like rivers and mountains.
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Further In Time

The Great Wall isn't considered one of The Seven Wonders of the world, but one of The Seven Wonders of The Medieval World. Will the many wonders and mysterious ever be solved or proven. Will the wall even be around by the time the advanced technology is around to investigate?
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