Texas Annexation Flyer

this was written from a texas point of view

Why we would be a good addition to the U.S.

we would make a magnifecent addition to the United States for the following reasons;

- you would aquire alot of land to go towards your manifest destiny/plans for westward expansion.

-the slave thing is negotiable but if there is anyway we could join as a slave state that would be just dandy. :P

-Yes our financial situation isnt great but in this situation you would gain more than you would lose.

-Texas is big which means whoever controls it has alot of power.

Additional dignity loss by begging

Right now Texas and America are seperate but united we will form and unstoppable force and maybe just maybe someday if were really lucky we will not simply be America no.........We will be MURICA'

Some of the people who would make great political teams