Final Exam for Cultural Geography

by:Gabrielle Gagne

Jennifer Lawrence - Hanging Tree (Lyrics)
^^ Pretty much theme song to Hunger Games.

Section 1: Analysis: Make connections between "The Hunger Games" and all four Cult. Geo. units.

Mrs. Van I think showed "The Hunger games" at the end of the course because it goes with everything we learned. Like how in unit 1, we learned that, "Geography and globalization influence where, how, and why people live where they do." Each district has their own business. The picture shows what each district does. In unit 2, we learned that, "Humans migrate, create cultural mosaics and balance the forces of cooperation and conflict between different peoples. All the tributes migrate to the capitol so that Panem can stay together and peaceful. They then perform in a game. in this game everyone is for them self. It's a game show for the capitol really, but it keep Panem together so no one really cares. By having The Hunger Games everything stays together and no one makes conflict and everything is cooperation. In unit 3, we learned a lot of things, here is the E.U. of it. "Exploitation and competition over natural resources and interactions between major belief systems may create conflict." In district 12 the resources are very scarce. They can barley get bread. In the beginning of the movie, Gal (Katniss bff) gives Katniss bread. She is very surprised that he even had it. Right there it shows that the natural resources are scarce. Also by colors. In district 12 the colors are very grey scale and in the capitol the colors are booming. The Capitol gets more privileges with resources and what not. This causes conflict throughout Panem. Unit 4 and "The Hunger Games" relate in many ways. the E.U. for unit 4 is "People are part of groups that gain and lose power over time, creating differing individual rights and varying degrees of freedom." This relates to Hunger Games because the Capitol gains power everyday because they are the richest and the ones that pretty much run Panem and why it is why it is. The tributes lose rights. The biggest right that they lose is the right to live. They put 24 kids in an arena and say kill everyone so you can survive. It is so against the human rights in so many ways. The capitol has so many rights over district 12 and so forth. The Capitol gets the right to eat; while some districts don't even get the right to eat a piece of bread. Panem breaks so many human rights for power its ridiculous. This is how "The Hunger Games" relates to the 4 units.

section 2-application: make connections between "The Hunger Games" and the real world.

The Hunger Games connects to the world in many ways. Some ways are like how places has a president and how you have to obey him. Like like in the U.S., we have a president and technically districts. In the U.S., instead of districts we have states. Instead of 12, we have 50. Like how in the midwest they are big farmers. How on the west coast there are surfers and the music and tv business. On the East Coast, there is fishing ang big businesses. The Games could go with people who hunt. The only difference is that humans hunt animals. In the games, humans hunt humans. Another way to put the districts into another form. You could also say that the continents are like districts and the world is Panem. Each continent provides something unique or is remembered for something unique. North America is known for freedom. South America is known for Spanish speaking county and very hot. Australia is known for being wild all away around. They have crazy animals and it's very dangerous if out of the city. England is known for their accents and for their traveling long time ago. Asia is known for being very smart mans very healthy food. Like how all the districts are known for different things so are the contenients. Panem is like the world.

section 3- transfer: make connections between "the hunger games' and your life

The Hunger Games and my life relate in many ways. One way is that my parents are kinda like Snow. They tell me what to do and when todo it. They also decide where I live and how my health is. Also what food I eat and if I starve or not. The only difference is that they aren't evil. People that I don't like are the other tributes. They always are trying to fight with me or in Hunger Games case, kill me. My friends are like Katniss's family. They support me and what I do. That's good because they still do no matter if I fail or succeed. They still support it. The districts are like the towns in my state. Panem is New Hampshire. That is how I would relate my life to "The Hunger Games".