Middle School News: October

From the desk of Mrs. Brockmon

A Message From Mrs. Brockmon...


Learning is more than sitting quietly and behaving, it is participating in what is being learned. Is you child actively participating in learning? These steps can help your child to be an active participant. in their learning.

  • Arrive to class every day, on time and prepared
  • Ask thoughtful questions
  • Contribute to discussions and group work

Grades can be affected by class participation. Talk to your child about actively participating in learning.

Important dates:

October 26 - Blueberry kick off event @ Riverfront Conference Center

October 27 - Middle School Dance from 3-5 costumes optional

October 28- Trick or Treat Trails @ the high school from 2-5

October 31 - Half day

November 1 - Career Fair for the 8th grade students

November 3 - End of the first marking period

November 5 - Daylight savings Time ends - turn your clocks back

November 8 - Parent Teacher Conferences @ the Middle School from 3:30-7:00

November 9 - Parent Teacher Conferences @ the Middle School from 4:00-7:00

November 10 - No School

November 22-24 - No School


October 31

December 14

February 15

March 15

April 19

May 11

May 19

June 13

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Bentley Middle School Staff

Top Row from left to right:

Mrs. Martinbianco; Mr. Tear; Ms. Zell; Ms. Medlin; Mrs. Frey; Mr. Pyscher

Middle Row from left to right:

Ms. Gooch; Mrs. Endicott; Mrs. Ash; Ms. Mona; Mrs. Browning; Mrs. Youness

Bottom row from left to right:

Mrs. Crystal; Mrs. Corthals; Mr. Ash; Ms. Klimaszewski; Mrs. Robinson;

Mrs. Metiva; Ms. Cooper

Science Update

6th Grade - Matter in Motion; students will identify what force is, describe it on an object, explain how gravity affects these forces, and how friction is a helpful or non helpful attribute when describing motion.

7th Grade - Heredity; the students will identify dominant and recessive genes and can explain how the DNA carries the necessary information for offspring to grow and develop.

8th Grade - Mineral properties; Students will use various clues and will have to figure out which mineral is which based on certain properties on their clue cards. Students will also have to list certain properties of minerals.Students are learning the physical properties of minerals

Peace Days

Peace Days are days when the entire grade level has no write-ups, minor or major.

6th grade has 11 peace days

7th grade has 12 peace days

8th grade has 15 peace days!

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Social Studies Update

6th Grade - Students will be able to describe the physical processes that shape the Earth's surface, determine how geographic factors influence where people settle, explain how geographers organize the Earth into regions that share common characteristics and determine how all living things are dependent upon one another and their surroundings.

7th Grade - 7 – Students will explain how and when human communities populated major regions of the world and adapted to a variety of environments and what archaeologists have learned about Paleolithic and Neolithic societies; they will describe the transition from hunter gatherers to sedentary agriculture (domestication of plants and animals) and explain the importance of the natural environment in the development of agricultural settlements in different locations.

8th Grade - Students will analyze how the English Bill of Rights influenced the colonists, evaluate the effects the Navigation Acts had on colonial economics, identify how New England's economic activities were different form those of the southern colonies, analyze the message of the Great Awakening and explain how both Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment reflected new ways of thinking.

Student Council

Bentley Middle School now has a Student Council. We are so proud of all the candidates who ran for student council and prepared posters and made speeches for the student body.

Our new president is:

Brittany Nimmo and Karly McCarrick as runner up

Our new Vice-President is:

Adrionna Ritzert and Madilyn Kelly as runner up

Math Update

6th Grade -Students are successful when they can change fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions, can change percents to fractions, and fractions to percents, and change percents to decimals and decimals to percents.

7th Grade -Students will be able to solve multi-step real-life and mathematical problems posed with positive and negative rational numbers in any form (whole numbers, fractions, and decimals), using tools strategically. They will be able to apply properties of operations to calculate with numbers in any form; convert between forms as appropriate; and assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies.

8th Grade - Students will apply the Pythagorean Theorem to determine unknown side lengths in right triangles in real-world and mathematical problems in two and three dimensions. Students will also be able to use square root and cube root symbols to represent solutions to equations of the form x2 = p and x3 = p, where p is a positive rational number. Evaluate square roots of small perfect squares and cube roots of small perfect cubes. Know that √2 is irrational.

Algebra - Students will understand that a function from one set (called the domain) to another set (called the range) assigns to each element of the domain exactly one element of the range. If f is a function and x is an element of its domain, then f(x) denotes the output of f corresponding to the input x. The graph of f is the graph of the equation y = f(x).


A huge THANK YOU to the National Dairy Council and Fuel Up to Play 60. We were able to purchase outdoor recess equipment for outdoor recess at lunch. We will also begin to make smoothies for students to taste test once a month. Look for the smoothie recipe coming home so you can make easy smoothies at home. Please encourage your child to log in activity and healthy eating on the Fuel up to Play 60 site. All students have accounts and should be familiar with the website,

ELA Update

By the end of the year, students will be able to read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poems. They will also be able to analyze how and why individuals, events, or ideas develop and interact over the course of a text and analyze the structure of texts, including how specific sentences, paragraphs, and larger portions of the text (e.g., a section, chapter, scene, or stanza) relate to each other and the whole.

6th Grade - Is currently reading The Color of my Words by Lynn Joseph

7th Grade - Is reading The Giver by Lois Lowry

8th Grade - Is reading Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry by Mildred Taylor

Please encourage your child to read at home and ask them about the books they are reading at school.


THANK YOU to Project Healthy Schools and Dana Robinson! We were able to participate in Michigan's Apple Crunch day on Wednesday, October 25th. Three types of apples were donated from local orchards and students were able to taste the different types of apples and vote on their favorite.

Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA)

has approved a grant for the middle school allowing us to incorporate more movement during the school day. We are also learning about ways to improve healthy nutrition and being active. THANK YOU!

Extra class Updates

Communications 6 - Students will identify the following elements in a given speech: purpose, targeted audience, methods of engaging audience. They will also create, outline, plan, and present a How-To speech on a given topic.

Computers 6 - Students are learning how to create and navigate through the different applications of Google. This week they explored Google Sheets.

Art 7 - Students will engage in analyzing their personal artwork (landscape paintings) in parts, through a view finder in order to find the area that is most attractive to the viewer.

Health 7 -Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to use stress management techniques and demonstrate ways to show caring and respect for others, including those with real or perceived differences.

Spanish 8 - Students will complete research on a cultural figure of their choosing for dia de los muertos, complete a writing assignment finish their written portion of the assignment and create an ofrendas.

STEM 8 - Students will analyze and interpret data to determine scale properties of objects in the solar system.

Beginning Band - Students will learn the correct fingering/position for the first five notes and play them with good tone.

Physical Education 6 - Students are learning the rules and processes of Invasion Games and the rules and positions of soccer and basketball

Physical Education 7 - Students are learning the rules and processes of Invasion Games

Physical Education 8 - Students are learning how to play Floor Hockey, the rules and different positions of the sport.



  • Do stretches, exercises, or pedal a stationary bike while watching TV
  • Join a walking group in the neighborhood or at the local mall. Recruit a partner for support and encouragement.
  • Make a conscious effort to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator
  • Aim for a least 30 minutes of physical activity every day and have fun while doing it! Do activities that you enjoy, make you feel good, and help relieve stress.
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